Three Headline Apologies.

Breaking News reports that Myers apologises for single mothers column. Will those so quick to accept
Mary McAleese’s apology be as forgiving of Myers? Will there be a rash of letters from supporters saying that he too was only speaking the truth ? Was there more behind the criticism than that particular incident? Should the apologies from McAleese, Blair and Myers be the end of these three matters? Are the media – including blog sites – desperate for things to discuss other than that blooming bank robbery ?

  • Bernard Goldbach

    In his Irishman’s Diary, Kevin Myers raised points worth considering as elements of social policy in Ireland. Strip out the vitriol and the stark policy question becomes “should the social values of Ireland not accord a higher respect for self-worth earned while at work”? To an outsider like myself, it appears inclusivity has subordinated the work ethic.

  • Keith M

    If as I said yesterday, that the original article was bad writing, as the language used hindered rather than helped the debate, then today’s apology is classic Myers. Not once does he take back anything he has said, but rather he has apologised (as was right and proper) for the way he expressed his opinions.

    I know of no one who defended the language used by Myers, so no one ends up in the embarrassing position of those misguided souls that defended the original comments from McAleese.

  • slackjaw

    Myers’ apology in today’s Irish Times is fair enough.

    When I read the original diary entry a few days ago, I have to admit that I laughed at his brass neck. People understandably found his use of the term ‘bastard’ offensive, but anyone who reads his Irishman’s Diary should know what they are getting. He is deliberately provocative and pugnacious in his prose, and normally rather good at it, however much one disagrees personally with his opinions.

    The righteous indignation on this matter is becoming more offensive than his original comments. He didn’t murder anyone. All sense of proportion and perspective has been lost. Moral outrage should be directed against more deserving targets.

  • Davros

    Would he have got away with it if it had been in today’s paper ?

  • slackjaw

    ‘Would he have got away with it if it had been in today’s paper ?’

    Not too sure what you mean, Dav.

  • Davros

    There’s a lot more going on today SJ – the Royal wedding, the Conlon apology and the IMC report.

  • slackjaw

    I get you. Yes, the chances are he would have. (Unless Charles and Camilla’s announcement is a ‘shotgun’, although I doubt it at her age)

  • George

    FYI Davros,
    the Royal Wedding only managed a picture and a piece on page 13. Not earth shattering news over here. Unsuitable wedding music at Irish weddings made page 1.

    Even on his first visit here, only about 50 pensioners turned up to welcome Charles at the Mansion House.

  • Davros

    How much attention did the royal wedding-to-be get on the Radio, TV and Internet George ? And if you look at what I wrote again I also mentioned The Conlon apology and the IMC report.

  • George

    I don’t think the Myers piece would have gone unnoticed even it ran Wednesday or Thursday, regardless of Conlon or the IMC.

    Conlon got a picture and a piece on page 10. The IMC was page 1 yesterday and headline page 1 today.

    The Royal Wedding ran in the second half of Six One last night and got five minutes on the Last Word. They spent about 20 minutes on Myers with Vincent Browne and someone whose name escapes me.

    The wedding makes pages 8 and 9 of the Irish Examiner. A lot of that is because the Examiner is a Munster paper and they’re speculating about him making a return to Lismore for the honeymoon.

    However, they ran Myers on page 1 Wednesday and page 1 headline Thursday – Conlon also made page 1 that day.

    The Irish Independent has the wedding as page 1. Headline is Adams saying arrest me.

    Basically, Myers would have been top topic no matter what day.

    If you call a third of the women in Ireland who became mothers last year, the mothers of bastards, you’re bound to be front page news.