IMC report published

The IMC report is now available online(pdf file) accompanied by a statement from Paul Murphy.

The BBC reports that, as expected, the IMC states that –

“In our view, Sinn Fein must bear its share of responsibility for the incidents,” said the commission.

“Some of its senior members, who are also members of PIRA (Provisional IRA), were involved in sanctioning the series of robberies.”

“Although we note Sinn Fein has said it is opposed to criminality of any kind, it appears at times to have its own definition of what constitutes a crime.”

The commission said it would have recommended the party’s exclusion from office if the assembly was still sitting.

In the absence of devolution, Secretary of State Paul Murphy should consider imposing financial penalties, it said.

It does not specify exactly what those measures should be.

N.B. Further posts fisking the IMC report will undoubtedly follow.

  • Davros

    Murphy’s statement is a disgrace-

    Thursday 10 February 2005
    Publication of IMC report on paramilitary activity

    Secretary of State Paul Murphy MP

    The Government today published the latest report by the Independent Monitoring Commission into paramilitary activity.

    In a Written Statement in Parliament the Secretary of State, Paul Murphy said: “On 3 February 2004 I received a report from the Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC), made under Articles 4 & 7 of the international agreement that established the Commission.

    Copyright © 2004 Northern Ireland Office

  • peteb

    Well spotted, Davros.. I hadn’t noticed that.

    Although “a disgrace” may be a slight over-reaction.

    NIO press office take note

  • ShayPaul

    Advance intelligence information ?

    Davros do you think Murphy was in on it, maybe he drove the pizza van ?

  • spirit-level

    must be a typing error surely?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I’m going to stick my neck out here and guess that the NIO meant 2005. Just a hunch, like.

  • murphii4word

    Good afternoon!
    The link for the IMC pdf didn’t make it accross the pond. Could you re-charge it.
    Bob Murphy
    New Jersey

  • peteb

    You’ll just have to try again, Bob.. the link’s fine.

  • Davros

    Bob – if you have problems , I can e mail you a copy ?

  • murphii4word

    That would be great!
    Bob Murphy
    Thanks up front

  • murphii4word

    All I get is an icon top left and a blank screen.
    Bob Murphy

  • Davros

    You should have mail Bob.

  • drumcree

    Powerful stuff – even explicit as opposed to implicit – lets see Murphy wriggle out of this one when he reports with his considered view.

    Perhaps the Irish and US Government’s may wish to consider imposing financial sanctions in their jurisdictions aswell.

    As Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has called for the Criminal Assets Bureau to target the assets of people who have benefited from the proceeds of IRA criminality in the Republic of Ireland, whilst Government officials are partaking in a glass of wine or two in the White House’s St Patrick Day celebrations they may also wish to encourage a ban on Sinn Fein fund raising activity in the United states, until Sinn Fein address the three questions the Taoiseach has so eloquently posed.

    See for McDowell’s view.

  • DerryTerry

    Just read the report and i have to confess to being completely underwhelmed. Indeed, my only reaction is “Is that it?”

    I have my own beliefs, and am also offered to offer opinions so my application for employment if off to the IMC.

  • PONeill

    Its really got to the position of Adams versus everybody else. Therefore when he has called for the Taoiseach to put up or shut up, this is a stroke of genius on his behalf, because regardless if he is innocent or guilty, the pressure is redirected back to Ahern.
    This is an attempt by Adams to make Ahern look as if he is involved in some form of conspiracy with the British establishment.
    Ahern really needs to put out every resource in the land to catch these people. The fingerpointing exercise can actually benefit Sinn Fein as it has in the past.
    Without movement on catching the perpetrators Adams could benefit elctorally from this – sad but true.
    Sinn Fein are experts at playing victims and the Nationalist electorate are putty in their hands.
    Without the evidence factor seeping in nothing will damage Sinn Fein.

  • PONeill

    If it is all true about Sinn Fein and their link with the Provisional IRA, why cant anybody provide some bloody evidence!!
    Theres been a 35 year conflict here, you would think somebody would have evidence somewhere. If Sinn Fein can continue to get away with their senior members being involved in the IRA leadership why cant anybody prove it? Somebody somewhere is not telling the truth.
    What about Scappitici and all that? You would swear that Sinn Fein and the IRA are being protected by higher sources????

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    What form would any evidence take ? As it stands we’ve got dual membership, commonality of purpose, and evidence of the IRA’s influence over SF (read Bishop & Mallie). What else do you want ?

  • aquifer

    Its not about SinnFein PIRA

    The democrats have been shafted in all of this over the years. SFPIRA owe us decommissioning plus interest but we all know what whiners they are. Taking cash off them would only lead to a wailing crescendo even if PIRA don’t pop.

    Give the other parties 25 pounds a vote instead.
    Thats about £25 million, of real money that can be spent punishing SF soon enough. Should clear the UUP SDLP overdrafts. The peace process owes them both, and its much cheaper than another Canary Wharf. Red white and blue bunting everywhere and those photos of ruddy faced DUP candidates all over the occupied six counties, all for lack of a few pics of redundant abbatior hardware. Priceless.

    And SF can’t say a thing, as we all know they got 26.5 million, more than all the others put together, right?

  • jonty

    are the dup still opposed to the IMC?

  • Davros

    Protesters stop traffic in Northern Ireland

    I remember SF being outraged at similar behaviour by loyalists last year – and condemnations flew. Will SF or SF supporters here condemn these disruptions ?
    If not, were SF wrong in last year’s condemnations ?

  • ShayPaul


    Whataboutery ?

    To answer your questions one would have to be SF or a SF supporter, I do not believe it a requirement on slugger to indicate such a position before debate, nor do I consider it acceptable that others that do not meet your criteria should not be able to contribute.

    I condemned the attitude of the Orange Order (you state loyalists) and political figures from Unionism for blocking the city to try to overturn a ruling by the parades commission, that condemnation still stands.

    I have not enough information on the incidents at the moment and their motivation/justification to give an opinion. I would guess that this is linked to the policy adopted by SF last week to create “civil disturbance” in order to protest against the “undemocratic” treatment of their party.

    I do believe that there is an issue to be debated, it has already been evoked on and off slugger. We cannot reasonably expect to lecture SF on democracy and at the same time refuse to acknowledge their mandate and “slander” their elected representatives.

    Once again I believe that politicians, who should know better, are playing dangerous games. Too often decisions have been taken with both eyes on the election box, and little or no thought for the good of the people.

    As I state repeatedly, we are slipping back very quickly at the moment. Dr No has once again played his sectarian magic, and the old necromancer might even succeed in resuscitating the corpse of physical force republicanism once again.

    Can we not see the wood for the trees ?

    Forget the false Unions (United Ireland, United Kingdom) the only one that matters is the Union of the people here.

    As a republican I believe that a United Ireland is the best vehicle to drive all our people to a brighter, safer, richer future. That vision is respectable, it is not however respected in this state.

    Why ? because the state is not capable of change as so much vested interest has as its core business to resist change. This is why SF have so much support.

  • Davros

    An interesting and revealing insight into your mindset Shaypaul – that you take my question as a personal attack.

    That said it’s an illustration of our problems that while lecturing me on woods and trees you cannot see that you are partisan.While it’s wrong in your eyes for people from my side of TDF to use civil disobedience when unhappy at the Parades commission you write that it’s not necessarily wrong for those on your side of TDF to use the same tactics when unhappy at a different commission.

  • ShayPaul

    Man not ball davros.

    By the way I see that the evidence we are all waiting on from the “inside sources” has been dug up.

  • ShayPaul

    By the way, I have not indicated that it is right to block the roads, that is your interpretation, I clearly stated that I do not have enough information as yet to make judgement.

    PS Don’t flatter yourself by thinking I treated it as a personal attack either.

  • El Matador