Slugger Glossary…

I thought it might be useful to begin to compile a glossary of terms that are either in common use on Slugger, or accurately describe what happens here. Rules of play are likely to be included, as well as things like the Godwin Rule on the emergence of the subject of Nazis in any given thread.

I hope it will prove useful to those who are joining us for the first time, and help the rest of us to frame a vigourous and postive discourse on the site. None of the descriptions are set in stone, and will be subject to improvement and correction from readers. The first entry will be on its way shortly!

  • barney

    A favourite Six County term is “the right thinking people” meaning, of course, “my fellow orange bigots”.

  • Mick Fealty

    Barney, was that intended to kick start a session of Whataboutery?

  • The Devil

    Shove your censorship,

    Give me a bigot anytime at least they have something interesting to say, others on this site are dangerous to ones health, they can bore you to Death.

    As far as the Godwin rule goes, what about us holocaust deniers, it discriminates against our freedom of expression, it is Nazisism gone mad.

  • Jimmy Sands

    A little dated but I did one a while back if it’s any help:

  • Davros

    Jimmy – Has our friend who posts here seen your entry for MI5 ?

  • armaghman

    Does this mean Michael McDowell is off limits for his Volkischer Beobachter/ Daily Ireland remarks?

  • ShayPaul

    The IMC report was due for release at 11H00, anyone know why the timing was pulled ?

  • Alan

    Can we start with a full definition of *mopery*.

    The term was hot property when I first started hitting Slugger a number of years ago. It still gets used, but, while I’ve a general indication from its usage, I’m no nearer a full meaning of the term.

  • Davros

    Alan –

    MOPE: Most Oppressed People Ever.

    Mopery : exaggeration of a slight or wrong, perceived or actual, in order to bolster claim that the Irish ate the most oppressed people in history.

  • StrayToaster

    Dav: Surely the best typo ever.

  • Davros

    Typo ? 😉

  • Alan

    Thanks Mr D,

    I’ll accept the typo as preprandial rather than freudian. It is certainly titanic!