McGuinness: Irish naive on resuscitation of process?

Martin McGuinness argues that because the IMC was an add on to the Belfast Agreement its conclusions on the existence and extent of IRA criminal activity can be set aside. He also sets aside the wider perception that Sinn Fein walked away from the deal over the relatively trivial issue of photographic verification of decommissioning, and lays the blame at the feet of the DUP.

…in conjunction with the DUP’s refusal to do a deal this side of a British general election there seems to be a belief within the Irish government that they have the luxury to attack Sinn Fein now and some sort of deal will be resurrected after the British election.

  • peteb

    To sum up that Journal article – “McGuinness plays the man, not the ball”

    Yellow card, Mick? 😉

  • Mick Fealty

    There’s a lot of repetitions at the moment. Should be updating the site over the weekend, which should make it work more smoothly again.

  • puddinhead

    “The Northern Bank is the excuse but the campaign of attacking Sinn Fein had been begun by the SDLP immediately after the breakdown in early December and before the Northern bank robbery.”

    Well done to the SDLP.