Language attempts to divide and separate IRA

Daily Ireland’s editorial today attempts to meet head what it considers a slur on the name of the IRA. It argues that the electoral rise of Sinn Féin emerged directly from the campaign for political statusa that begat the hunger strikes and the election of one of their number as a Westminster MP, one Bobby Sands.It believes that the IRA is being forced to divide all of its activities into good and evil:

Those republican prisoners released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement weren’t all in jail because they took part in setpiece military battles. What madness would it have been to suggest that some IRA actions were legitimate and some were crimes?

It also believes that:

…that is exactly what is being attempted today with the flat insistence that no progress is possible until IRA ‘criminality’ is stopped – and in the current lexicon of Dublin and London, ‘criminality’ means everything that the IRA does.