IRA has no chance of winning

Malachi O’Doherty believes that in moving away from the sackcloth and ashes planned for it by Ian Paisley, it is moving into an even deeper dilemma:

…the IRA loses either way. If it does not go back to war at the next reversal, then its bluff will have been called. If it goes into the next two years and more of likely stalemate without raising a threat, then it will have been neutered. From the point of view of many, this will be proof of the success of the peace process. From the perspective of republicans it will be proof of its failure.

  • Rick

    My sense is that the Republican movement and the IRA would have been best served if they had just moved ahead and decommissioned under the view of Catholic and Protestant observers, even if that did not satisfy Paisley’s proof of photographic evidence.

    Such courageous action would have placed the spotlight on the DUP’s intractability, and would have made it very difficult for the British and Irish Governments to have denied Republicans all they had bargained for during the late negotiations.

    Now, it appears the process is nowhere, thanks largely due to the subsequent bank robbery, the accusations and the latest IRA withdrawal.

    The commentary is an interesting analysis that suggests the IRA loses regardless of which way it chooses to move forward, and it may be correct.