Ahern: what Sinn Fein need to do…

Broom of Anger has snipped an interesting section of the Dail debate yesterday, in which the Taoiseach lays out the conditions for the beginning of any resumption of the devolved institutions in Northern Ireland.After re-iterating the importance of the principle of inclusion, he gave an idea of the metrics required from the Republican movement to come back into the large tent it had so lately deserted:

…there is no possibility whatsoever of making progress on the peace and confidence that leads to an inclusive working executive and administration in Northern Ireland under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement unless the Sinn Féin leadership comes back to both the Irish Government and the British Government, as requested, to give us answers about the three areas on which we asked for answers, that is, paramilitarism in all its effects and particularly the issues of decommissioning and criminality. I do not think, even if we get answers, we will be able to move fast, but we certainly cannot move in the short term without those answers.

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