Was the IRA statement just a hissy fit?

It’s clear the IRA’s second statement last week took most people by surprise, seemingly none moreso than Brian Rowan at the time, whose uncustomary loss for words brought to mind for some the night he broke news of the Canary Wharf bombing, which broke the IRA’s first official ceasefire of the peace process era. Here he asks, if the IRA does not intend going back to war, what was it all about?

  • David Vance

    I’m afraid that Brian, as with so many in the local media, is so enthralled by his proximity to these vile gangsters and their propaganda that he (subconciously, let us say) buys the guff and then is – shock horror – stunned when the IRA does what it exists to do. What’s it all about? Simple – subverting democracy – Sinn Fein does what it says on the tin.

  • Davros

    Kudos to the poster who summed it up as Violet E Bott.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Once again the “Republican Movement” feel that by issuing a thinly-veiled threat, they will achieve political concessions from H.M.G.
    Who will give me odds on the punishment beatings and shootings rising dramatically in the coming months? I’ll take anything from 1-10 on, although I don’t think anyone would even give me those miserly odds, with the Provos’ track record of turning on and off “punishment attacks” for political leverage!

  • Sharp Voter

    Isn’t it funny how we are all expected to take Hugh Orde’s word on what is and isn’t going on within the IRA. He tells us that they robbed the Northern Bank and that they are not preparing to go back to war.
    One would have thought that if the IRA was planning the Northern Bank robbery that Hugh would know given that he has such insight. The reality is that Hugh Orde is being given a prominance that he does not deserve. The two governments are willing to take his word when it suits them but maybe they should ask if he is so sure that they are not planning to go back to war why was it that he did not know that they were planning to rob the Northern Bank

  • Davros

    The two governments are willing to take his word when it suits them but maybe they should ask if he is so sure that they are not planning to go back to war why was it that he did not know that they were planning to rob the Northern Bank

    Seems obvious enough. To return to “war” would involve an awful lot more activity than that robbery e.g The Arms bunkers would have to be opened up and weapons and explosives prepared and distributed. The robbery was carried out using the sort of ordnance that has been kept out of the bunkers.

  • El Matador

    The two governments are willing to take his word

    I don’t think they’re just relying on Hugh Orde’s word. Clearly both the PSNI and Gardai have independently produced enough evidence to the governments to convince them of the likelihood of IRA activity.

  • DerryTerry

    El Matador,

    Evidence, evidence, evidence?

    Just as an example prior to Hugh Orde’s paranormal pronouncement (i think therefore it is true?) we were told by our friends in the media, together with their “security and republican sources” that a meeting in Dundalk took place to calm S. Armagh hardliners. Now we are told by exactly the same people that actually the meeting was to plan a robberry. Same sources, same media, and might i suggest, same S***.

    Of course, if all this independent evidence mounts up to Iraq’s WMD, or Republican involvement in the bombing of McGurks bar then hey, sure these people wouldn’t lie to suit their own ends, would they?

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I may be only 20 years of age, but I vaguely remember the bombing of McGurk’s Bar. Am I wrong in saying that it was carried out in 1994 by the Ulster Volunteer Force? I stand corrected if so “Derry Terry”!

    Being from the North Coast, I vaguely remember it, as it was the 1st time I remember visiting the Shankill Road.

    The point is this; Whilst visiting perhaps the most famous “Road” in the United Kingdom, I remember reading the graffiti “Houghton Hit The Net -1, The UVF Hit The Bar -2.” I was only 9 at the time and I remember asking my parents what this meant. I still remember the way they looked at each other with embarassment, making up some excuse to try and shield me from the truth.

    It is extraordinary, and a sobering thought that I still remember this!

    I think it’s a wake-up call to young men like myself on both sides, loyalist and republican, to never go back to those days of conflict, which would force us to bring up our own children against the backdrop of political violence, just as we were brought up.

  • El Matador

    Evidence? I’m quite confident that substantial evidence has been presented to the governments and policing board.

    Clearly it cannot be made public yet as that would pejudice any trials- that goes without saying.

    You and I may not have cast our eyes over the evidence, Terry, but the governments and policing board members have, and with some notable exceptions, I’ll take their word at this juncture.

  • cg

    El Matador, are you advocating overriding due process in relation to Sinn Féin?

    Are you prepared to exclude Sinn Féin, and thus the majority of nationalists in the six counties, on the word of the psni and British Intelligence?

    If your answer is yes to any of the above then you will understand why nationalist have dumped the sdlp in favor of Sinn Féin.

  • Henry94


    Clearly it cannot be made public yet as that would prejudice any trials- that goes without saying.,

    Enough evidence to prejudice a trial but not enough to make an arrest? I don’t think so.

  • J Kelly


    Are you really confident or are you making the presumption that with something of this magnitude Hugh Orde wouldn’t lie. In 1989 many people were of the opinion that no way would a government or its forces would be directly involved in the murder of its citizens and definetely not a solicitor. It happened and ever since they including Hugh Orde and Tony Blair have been part of the cover up. So if the would cover the murder of solicitor they would lie over a robbery. Politics is a dirty game.

  • idunnomeself

    J Kelly

    You are suggesting that elements of the UK Civil Service are deliberately trying to undermine the policy of their government.

    If it is as obvious as that why aren’t they disciplined or moved?

    Or do you think that the UK Government itself is trying to undermine the peace process and therefore is allowing them to carry on?

    There is obviously a difference between this situation and the (as far as I can tell still unproven) allegations of official involvement in State Murder: 15 years ago official policy was to fight the IRA. Any civil servant who broke the law to do this was still supporting their government policy.

    Unless you can explain your theory more you’ll have to expect that most people will continue to view the argument you are making as absolute nonsense.

  • Davros

    “due process”

    May we have a definition of due process cg ? It’s a legal term ? Are legal niceties enforcable in politics ?

  • aquifer

    “Politics is a dirty game.”

    Bit like football then, and everyone knows the score and plays by the same rules.

  • Davros

    Bit like football then, and everyone knows the score and plays by the same rules.

    It IS like football aquifer – and not in the way you mean. Everybody knows the score but not verybody plays by the same rules. Remember all those incidents where it was seen that mighty teams like Manchester Utd and Arsenal were treated very differently from run of the mill clubs ?

  • cg

    “Are legal niceties enforcable in politics ?”

    It is when people are being accused of criminal activities