Language attempts to divide and separate IRA

Daily Ireland’s editorial today attempts to meet head what it considers a slur on the name of the IRA. It argues that the electoral rise of Sinn Féin emerged directly from the campaign for political statusa that begat the hunger strikes and the election of one of their number as a Westminster MP, one Bobby Sands.

It believes that the IRA is being forced to divide all of its activities into good and evil:

Those republican prisoners released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement weren’t all in jail because they took part in setpiece military battles. What madness would it have been to suggest that some IRA actions were legitimate and some were crimes?

It also believes that:

…that is exactly what is being attempted today with the flat insistence that no progress is possible until IRA ‘criminality’ is stopped – and in the current lexicon of Dublin and London, ‘criminality’ means everything that the IRA does.

  • aquifer

    Sorry RM, its going to have to be enough that you know that your acts were not criminal. It creates too much cognitive dissonance for ordinary law abiding joes if we have to consider murder as other than criminal. If you point a gun at us as you are doing, and insist that we change our view, that violates our rights, and is criminal, for sure, this time.

  • PONeill

    I recently saw Gerry Adams on BBC with Noel Thompson and he came across convincingly. It is my view that most of the Nationalist electorate in the North would rather believe Gerry Adams than Bertie Ahern, Mark Durkan and all the other politicians put together.
    It is my view that alot of people believe Adams when he says that they had no knowledge of the Northern Bank and that the IRA didnt do it which in turn will give them a huge vote in the next election.
    The question that begs an anwer is – has Adams ever lied?
    I know that the area I am from he is idolised. I cant see this bank affair doing any damage to Sinn Fein whatsoever.
    The Adams and McGuinness leadership is seen as solid in the majority of Nationalist areas.

  • Davros

    I only caught the tail-end of it after walking the hound, but Pat Doherty was on TV with Gregory campbell, Reg Empey and Mark Durkan – and doing a better job than any other SF rep’ I have seen – and he was asked if he thought the Adare robbery was a crime. He said yes. That seems like movement.
    (That’s not in quotes.) Durkan was trying to McDowell him and failed miserably.

  • maire

    Did anyone catch the Questions and Answers show on RTE last night. It covered alot of ggod coverage that was similar to tonights show the difference it was with the Irish media adn TD’s. MArtin Maginess and Mark Durkan had some hot and heavy moments around the issues previously mentioned.

    Also the Daily Ireland’s editorial is nothing new.

  • cg

    I did see it Marie and the anger and hatred around that table was palpable.

    I have never seen a debate so emotionally charged.

    Bowman was his usual disgraceful self, as a chair his neutrality was nonexistent.

    The way he handles republicans in the audience is shameful

  • J Kelly

    Durkan was awful on Spotlight last night he said no to voluntary coalition while spending most of his time attacking Pat Doherty he looked like a spoiled child trying to take the ball home. What are the SDLP saying at the moment. What do they stand for.

  • George

    Was it my imagination or did Martin say on Q&A near the end that, of course, Sinn Fein would not expect the Assembly to get up and running if any party was linked to a private army.

    Does this mean he now accepts that the IRA have to stand down before any assembly is reconvened?

  • Ringo


    The way he handles republicans in the audience is shameful

    the way he handles plants in the audience is spot on, regardless of whether they are pro-lifers, republicans etc..

    Anyone who espouses personal opinions is let speak, anyone who is trotting out a party political broadcast is cut short. There was only one representantive from each party invited on the show, Sinn Feins tactic of sneaking in a few more is a weekly occurrance.

    And in fact when Martin got a good time in at the very end, Bowman ended the show without giving anyone else a chance to reply or challenge him.