Civic power of blogging…

There was interesting piece on the back of the FT today on how bloggers are starting to shake up corporate America. It charts how one blog entry has led to a major lawsuit against the second largest mobile network, Verizon Wireless. It remains to be seen where blogging is going to cause the first serious disruption in Ireland and the UK.The key was communication, which effectively bypassed the companies customer care and PR departments:

Hundreds of disgruntled Verizon Wireless customers took to the blogosphere to trade stories, swap hints about ways to adapt their phones and tell of their efforts to make the carrier correct the problem.

Blogging Microsoft employee, Robert Scobie, “it’s the new world and you want to be part of the conversation”, while Mike Masnick, CEO of Techdirt notes, “Companies that don’t recognise this are going to get bitten”.

Companies (and political parties), take note! When blogging here hits a critical mass, it may not be possible to hide behind the corporate gloss.