IRA losing the Blame Game?

Well that’s what the media seems to think, pretty much across the board, they believe that after seven years of drawing everyone else into the Good Friday Agreement, it has simply walked out of it.

  • Davros

    Irish News about the IRA : “it is in a hole and it should stop digging”

    Mitchel recently about the IRA:
    “In a remark likely to exacerbate tensions, Mitchel McLaughlin, a Sinn Fein spokesman, said in a radio interview that if the IRA were to rob the Northern Bank again “it would be wrong but it wouldn’t be criminal”. ” [ my highlighting]

  • tebzz3

    mmmh interesting article to the extent that it shows the newspapers mentioned haven’t changed their spots, this would only have been interesting if one of the papers mentioned have taken a more liberal view.
    Of more interest was the other articles linked down the side bar, the dig at the DUPs homophobia tickled me pink, so to speak, and subconsiously asks a question, given the DUPs attitude to gays, Papists, muslims etal which party is more dangerous to democratic society.

  • David Vance

    Let’s see.

    On the one hand, we have Sinn Fein – the talking dog of the IRA – an organisation steeped in murder, criminality and insurrection. An organisation that has murdered thousands, maimed tens of thousands, inflicted pain across the religious divide, and which plans Bank Heists whilst feigning interest in peace.

    On the other hand, you have the DUP – a party which has a “bad attitude” (In liberal-speak) towards homosexuality, Roman Catholicism and Islam. In a liberal society, I thought people were allowed intellectal freedom? Evidently not in tebzze3 world. How curious that he then hides his burning intolerance in the guise of caring about the tenets of a “democratic society.”

  • DerryTerry

    A “bad attitude”? So homophobia, islamophobia and good old fashioned hatred of Catholicism, together with the foundation of how many paramilitary organisations like the Third Force, Ulster Resistance and god knows what else is okay?

    If every you wondered why so many people view Democratic Unionism as a joke, you need go no further. Being lectured about democracy by the DUP might work in Ballymena, but outside unionist utopia it will only help Sinn Fein, not hinder it.

  • tebzz3

    mmmh criticise the DUPs homophobia, racism and religious hatred means I have a “burning intolerance”

    while to be racist, homophobic, religious bigot merely means the DUP have a “bad attitude”.

    Also David *yawn* ulster resistance, ulster vanguard and PDF. Change the record son the world has moved on and it would be nice if the DUP and their supporters at least moved into the 18th century