Be careful what you wish for

Following yesterday’s undiplomatic outburst by Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams – “They [the two governments] need to take their heads out of their asses for a start” – RTE reported that the Minister of State, Brian Lenihan (responding with appropriate sensitivity) said Sinn Féin is milking the peace process for political gain and that the Government’s patience is running out.

Speaking on RTÉ, he said the Taoiseach would not break off talks, despite what he called recent improper threats from the IRA.

He said Sinn Féin took their line from the Army Council and not from the people who gave them a mandate.

Hmm.. Sounds like a clear enough view.

  • AW

    FF have certainly taken the gloves off. Of course there are political considerations, but it is good to see for I was becoming weary of the pervasive hypocrisy that has bedevilled the peace process. SF have milked the system and had plenty of time to jump. If they can’t we must move on and they must face the consequences.

    Hope this firmer approach is matched with a strengthening of resolve to deal with loyalist thugs and I don’t mean buy them off. We need to be rid off all these private armies, racketeers, thugs gangsters, drug dealers and hoodlums. We need to invest 70 million, not in buying off serious criminals but supporting ordinary law biding citizens,

    Then there are the salaries and expenses of politicians that are not only not doing their jobs but making sure no one else can. All I can say is if they were fixing your house would you pay them a penny?