The secret present of the IRA?

The journalist and author of The Secret History of The IRA, Ed Moloney, gave his considered opinion on recent developments on RTE’s Morning Ireland(RealPlayer required) today – the ‘sabre rattling’ statements and the different realities compared to 10 years ago, including an end to the governments’ “destructive” habit of ‘turning a blind eye’. Most interestingly, though, he appears to suspect that there’s been a familiar hand “manoeuvring” the IRA into a position where it now has to make a “tough choice”.

  • slug9987

    Pete – since I can’t listen to that, could you spell out whose familiar hand that is? Or give us a little mode of Molony – whom we respect.

  • peteb


    It’s a 7 minute piece, and it’s worth listening to in total.. so I’d rather not just quote any particular section of it. I’ll update the post though.

    RealPlayer is a free download, BTW.

  • slug9987

    I have downloaded it to my pen drive, and will listen to it from my laptop later on when I get home this evening.

  • jackduckworth

    I dont have a working sound card at the moment so any more clues please?

  • Jacko

    Ed Moloney is an excellent commentator and writer who has had his finger on that pulse for a long time – unlike many, he actually knows what he is talking about.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    It’s an interesting theory of Moloney’s, especially in light of Sinn Fein’s absolute and repeated refusal to interpret the IRA statement.