Sadness in family's difficult search for justice…

THE vigil held in memory of murder victim Robert McCartney was much larger than I expected, with well over 1,000 people in attendance. Clearly, Mr McCartney’s death has caused tremendous hurt to the Short Strand community.

It was a short, dignified ceremony, and the family of the victim obviously have the support of a large section of the community in their area. There were a few politicians there, amongst them the Lord Mayor, Alliance’s Tom Ekin, and his Deputy, Joe O’Donnell, of Sinn Fein.

What anger there is in the Short Strand at whoever killed Robert was replaced by sorrow for the vigil.

However, some people later expressed how unhappy they were at how the family have had to endure the innuendo that has surrounded Robert’s death.

The family gathered in their Mountpottinger home afterwards, and as well-wishers called in, they seemed to appreciate the way that the community has rallied around them at this difficult time. The body is now in the family home. It wasn’t expected to be returned until later, but since it has, the funeral can now go ahead on Tuesday.

The family has appealed for anyone with information on the murder to come forward. It will be interesting to see if the omerta holds, or if justice is allowed to proceed.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    I was at the vigil also and I agree that it was a very dignified event.

    The family are in a terrible situation. Everyone knows who is involved, but no-one is going to say. The only way someone can be convicted over this is if someone testifies, and the chances of that seem slim.

  • Jacko

    My deepest sympathies to the Mccartney family.
    As we argue and point-score over these things often the fact that a young father, son, partner and brother is lying dead becomes lost to us. We sort of trample all over the reality and human suffering of it all.

  • Mario

    Sinn Fein’s Alex Maskey said: “It appears the PSNI is using last night’s tragic stabbing incident as an excuse to disrupt life within this community, and the scale and approach of their operation is completely unacceptable and unjustifiable.”

    What on heaven’s name does he mean? The police are trying to find a dangerous killer(s) and this person is making this statement? How are they suppose to execute search warrants? This seems bizzare to me? Why would the so called community or youths prevent them from conducting a criminal investigation? In most countries this would constitute interference and they can be charged with obstruction.

  • Da McGlincheys Code


    during the raids over the Northern robbery one PSNI landrover was able to sit outside the house that was taken over at Poleglass. All the while the forensic people were allowed to come and go without obstruction. This occurred for 72 hrs. No one interferred with the PSNI. Locals simply saw the landrover and avoided it as you would a turd on the pavement.
    Surely the 30/40 meticulous and professional robbers who alleged carried out the robbery could have returned to Poleglass. slapped the Trevors about and returned them to Bangor or Ards, minus their uniforms and weapons if the mood had taken them.
    But nothing happened. The Markets and S Strand saw riot clad trevors invading the area. the days when they could do so with impunity are over. By all means carry out their investigation, but in a orderly and civillised manner. People have no time for their bully boy and sectarian tactics (didn’t see many riot clad Trevors during the taxi wars). It seems they wanted a response, so they got it.

  • fair_deal

    First my sympathies to the McCartney family.

    Da McGlinchey’s Code

    “didn’t see many riot clad Trevors during the taxi wars”

    Sorry to interrupt your sectarian whinge about the PSNI i.e. they don’t do this in Prod areas. However, there were a series of raids in Ballysillan as part of the police operation to disrupt the taxi wars. One operation involved 14 land rovers of “riot clad trevors”.

  • Da McGlincheys Code

    Sorry to interrupt your sectarian defence of your police force but the Trevors from Bangor and Ards and other unionist strongholds didn’t adopt the attitude they adopted in the Markets. They parked at the side of the road at Ballysillan and did nothing even while local loyalists slashed the tyres of their vehicles.
    Save the sectarian rantings for someone who doesn’t know the facts.

  • GavBelfast

    Don’t ya just luv the omnipresence of some people here!

  • fair_deal

    Da McGlinchey

    I do really enjoy when a republican has such a closed mind.

    ‘Your police force’
    Not all all Unionists or Loyalists support the PSNI and I am one of them.

    Thank you for contradicting yourself. First the PSNI were doing nothing during the taxi wars then the story changes to they were out and about in Ballysillan.

    The vehicles were empty when their tyres were slashed because the PSNI officers were out of their vehicles in full riot gear. The slashing incident occured on one of a number of search operations. The PSNI were also petrol bombed and stoned during searches in Ballysillan. These searches succeeded in finding petrol bombs, weapons and drugs. Did you not know these facts?

    However, I am sure these facts will not help you overcome your blinkers. Instead you will act as a cheer leader for those who want to disrupt the investigation of a brutal murder of a Catholic.

  • slug9987

    Isn’t the use of the term “Trevors” rather sectarian?

  • puddinhead

    May this young man rest in peace.

    Roger who is involved in this heinous crime?

  • Da McGlincheys Code

    fair deal,

    At the shops on the Oldpark Rd near the corner of Ballysillan, they simply sttod there watching as the tyres were slashed. The drugs etc were found days later.


    sectarian? i thought they were all called trevor from Bangor

  • fair_deal

    Da McGlinchey

    The story changes again first they were in the vehicles then they were outside them watching them being slashed.

    Also you seem fascinated by this one detail when your first claim was that the PSNI wouldn’t behave aggressively in a Prod area when the series of searches I have mentioned show they were perfectly willing to.

  • Lucy911

    This is the first time I am joining in with comments…I live in a small village on the coast of northern California….I have been interested in Norhern Irish Politics for many years….I have a couple of questions that some of you might share your expertise on….
    Who is Ian Paisley and does he really care about the people of NI? His diatribes are so full of hate and bigotry….I read NI newspapers just about every day and it seems to me that unionist groups do the same thing the IRA is accused of doing…drugs…robberies… attacking nationlists and their own….and yet they don’t seem to get the publicity or outcry that the IRA gets…Am I missing something???? If the police have proof that the IRA did the big bank robbery, why isn’t anyone in jail?? Paisley has got to be jumping up and down with joy over this….Anything to stop the peace process….I would appreciate any education you could give me..