Let the weekend begin!

For the second day in a row I’m tipping my hat to John of Irish Eagle fame for this piece of absolute genius. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face – hey, it worked on me!

  • Young Irelander

    Have you not come across that before pete?I’ve come across it a couple of times and I agree with you-it is genius!

  • peteb

    I’m soo out of touch with the latest memes, Young Irelander 😉

  • Emily

    Hurt me, Baker!

  • peteb

    What.. Emily no like our dancing fiend?

  • Emily

    Hey, I’ve got nothing against fat Dutch kids in general…but really. That just violates every civilized boundary of good taste.

  • peteb

    Good taste, Emily, as you well know, is an entirely subjective matter.

  • Jacko

    Excellent Pete.

  • James

    The Oakie and I were walking around CES in Vegas this January, musing about all those sleepless nights we spent in all those vanished start-ups in the 70’s and 80’s making all this possible. Three or four pints later at Wooloughan’s and it was all a dream.

  • Emily

    True, Pete. How else could anyone explain David Hasselhoff fans?

  • peteb


    It’s what the internet was invented for.


    NOTHING explains David Hasselhoff fans.

  • Emily

    …said the fan of fat singing Dutch boy…

  • peteb

    At least he hasn’t done a calendar… as far as we know…

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Someone could spice up our evening and post a link to my favourite, the ‘Star Wars kid’ – with and without added lightsabre effects!

  • Donnie

    The Star Wars Kid mpeg is pure comedy gold.

    The original re-mix is hilarious!

  • Young Irelander

    I put up a funny clip about Bush and Blair on my blog which you can find here.

  • mel0405

    This is absolutely hilarious and think that he is a genius!! Does anyone know what song that is that he is singing along to?