What a.. erm.. lovely bowl

The eagled-eyed John Fay, at Irish Eagle, spotted this article in the New York Times, by Matthew Scully(free reg required) – “a former deputy director of speechwriting for President Bush” – that may help add some perspective to the ongoing debate about who will attend the annual St. Patrick’s Day shindig at the Whitehouse this year.Although the article is, primarily, about the task of drafting the US President’s State of the Union address, he does mention some of the more dreaded chores that a deputy director of speechwriting for the President faces during the year –

Almost as dreaded as drafting a State of the Union, for example, are those yearly chores like writing remarks for the St. Patrick’s Day visit by the prime minister of Ireland. How many different ways can you accept a bowl of shamrocks, or celebrate the sterling qualities of the noble Irish people?

How many different ways indeed.