Scoop ?

The Belfast Telegraph seems to have a scoop – in it’s story SF MLA Ruane fined over road tax they have the missing men in, of all places, Cambodia.

  • Mario

    There are three Irish men being held by the Khmer Rouge? The Camboadian Three? So did the Colombia three fled to Cambodia to help clear land mines?

    What gives?

  • Gay

    Are they from Craigavon?

  • Jimmy Sands

    Is cash ok?

  • Davros

    As long as it’s Bank of England 😉

  • James

    What was life like before spell checkers? I have dim memories of whiteout all over the screen.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Apparently they were training Avon Ladies attached to the Come ere Rouge.

  • davidbrew

    another non crime for the liberation of the Irish people as the jackboot of British oppression claims another victim

  • El Matador

    This is a disgrace. Ms. Ruane did not commit a crime- she was driving with no car tax in the context of the conflict, and such activity was approved by the sole heirs to the governance of Ireland, the PIRA Army Council.

    Or maybe she’s just too cheap to pay the one hundred quid a year on road tax…

  • Davros

    meanwhile Jim Gray only got fined £150 …. see them feckin’ securocrats … or will she run with the sexist angle ? It’s an outrage.

    Leading loyalist found guilty of careless driving

  • El Matador

    Nah- she’ll run with the southerner angle. Those pesky cops don’t like free staters invading the north.

  • The Dog

    Or maybe, just maybe its a load of balls.

    In fact maybe the sexy Ms R doesn’t have a car registered in the north at all – maybe just maybe she drives a car registered in the south and hence with southern road tax – but then you can’t trust those deviant anti-republicans in road tax.

    P.S El Matador shouldn’t you be spending a little more time working on your election camapign than posting on this site. I know that the sdlp need every little bit of help they can get.

    But if the sdlp is going to stop the rot getting excited about this sort of tittle tattle I do not think will be of much assistance.

  • davidbrew

    the sexy Ms R-

    !!! been in prison long, Mr Dog?