Robinson: Scrutiny role for MLAs…

PETER Robinson appears to back my prediction that the Government is heading down the road of a scrutiny or consultative role for the Assembly.

Robinson said:

“The DUP is also adamant that genuine democrats should not be penalised for what others have done.

“My clear impression from today`s meeting is that the Government is looking at interim measures which fall short of devolving powers.

“That could mean some role where the Assembly scrutinise and advise.

“You could have a legislative Assembly, where in the absence of the executive and in the absence of a partner, namely the SDLP, to exclude Sinn Fein, Northern Ireland Office ministers would bring legislation to the Assembly for approval and there would be some form of scrutiny.

“Assembly members would also be able to initiate legislation on their own.”

  • PONeill

    This is what will happen. I believe the SDLP were talking about this option months ago in order to get the Assembly up and running even though some parties cant agree to work together.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Were they? Can you provide a link?

  • David Weman


  • Belfast Gonzo

    If that was meant to be a link, it isn’t working.

  • slug9987

    Gonzo I think he refers to the SDLP idea of appointed commissioners.

    I prefer having Direct Rule ministers to Commissioners because the former are MPs in the UK party of government and will largly follow UK wide policies which are themselves the outcome of a UK-wide debate and democratic discussion process that we all tend to follow in the press and telly.

  • peteb

    It is a link, Gonzo, and it does work – David Weman

  • peteb

    not necessarily on-topic though.

  • PONeill

    I believe the SDLP alternative is in this attachment.

  • alex s

    these proposals are a dream for the DUP, effectively it places them in pernament opposition, much safer than governament, no difficult decisions to make

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Nothing about a scrutiny function though.

  • ulsterman

    The only problem with this is that SF would be there also scrutinising.

    Better forget this insane idea Peter.

    The Assembly salaries might be starting to cloud some Unionists judgement.

    Time to wind it up.

    God Save The Queen.

  • jonty

    mlas arent doing the job to which they were elected.

    Time to shut the place down

  • Christopher Stalford

    Funny Jonty and other Ulster Unionists weren’t saying this for the 18 months prior to November 2003, when the assembly was in deep freeze.

  • jonty

    sure chris, your in favour of people getting paid for not doing the job they were elected to, or is there personal interest in your comments ie your job

  • Christopher Stalford

    The work of DUP Assembly members hasn’t stopped. They are still manning their offices, helping their constituents on bread and butter issues.

    There is no self interest in my comments, I am merely staing the view that I don’t think the criminal antics of Provos should be allowed to pull down the institutions at Stormont. It’s a shame that the UUP leader and Lap-dof Hermon disagree.

  • Christopher Stalford

    lap dog, no lap-dof.


  • jonty

    Chris, MLAs were not elected to set up advice centres, if parties want advice centres then let them pay for them out of the ir own pocket. MLAs arent supposed to be in competition with the CAB!

    MLAs were meant to make legislation within a legislative assembly. MLA gives it away – member of the legislative assembly.

    That assembly is not currently in existence to time to stop paying them and shut up shop

  • Robert Keogh

    I agree with Jonty, it is time to wind up the Stormont Aseembly. It hasn’t sat in over two years and I doubt it will sit before well into 2007, if ever.

    Instead nationalists should be represented by the Irish government in some form of Joint Authority with full control over legislation and taxation.

    The reason the Assembly won’t be wound up is because it would be deal a serious blow the life expectancy of the SDLP and perhaps even the UUP.