Slow blogging…

Sorry for the slow blogging today. I’m in Belfast but otherwise committed. Hope the others can keep you entertained. Don’t forget to vote for Slugger at the Satin Pajama Awards – where we’re still in contention for two categories: Best Political Blog; and the Best UK based blog.

  • peteb


    There’s an almighty tussle with for the title of Best UK-based Blog.

    We’re languishing in 3rd place in another category,

    and keeping a, still vulnerable, lead in the Best Political Blog category.

    As Mick said, “Don’t forget to vote for Slugger”.

  • peteb

    If you haven’t already voted.. why not? *ahem*

    The poll will close tomorrow.

  • peteb

    That’s the poll will close tomorrow, in case you missed it the first time.

  • peteb

    *cough cough*