Don't forget your, Satin Pajamas…

Just to remind you, in the midst of the heated discussion, that Slugger has been shortlisted for a competition for European blogs – the Satin Pajamas. We are currently just ahead in one category – Best Political Blog. And trailing the leader in two others. After you’ve had a look at the other ‘damned fine blogs’ named there – don’t forget to Vote!

  • peteb

    Another update –

    We’ve edged ahead in the UK blog category.. just.. and we’re still in front the Best Political blog category.. however, we have slipped back into 3rd place in the Best Blog focused on a single country or region.

    As Mick said earlier.. After you’ve had a look at the other ‘damned fine blogs’ named there – don’t forget to Vote!

  • johnhidd


    I took particular pleasure in voting for you in the United Kingdom category. More power to your (British) elbow!

  • Mick Fealty

    Nice one John. Although in mitigation, I’d simply observe that the general and political interests (collectively at least) of both the writers and the readers of this blog are roughly contiguous with the borders of the Common Travel Area. For which I make no apologies! 😉

  • ShayPaul

    Is this voting thing part of a unionist indoctrination process for United Ireland Republicans ?

    It was like taking the oath …. grrrr

  • Mick Fealty

    Ach Shay, you didn’t have to do it! I’d be happy if we just picked up one of them.

  • peteb

    Erm.. Mick.. would be impolite to point out that it should be pyjamas?

  • maca

    Erm.. Pete.. would it be impolite to point out that is should be pajamas ;))

  • mickhall

    Maca and Pete,

    JimJams, surly, dont lets get all posh. Mick, well done, what you and those who help you out at Slugger do, is a real achievement. I find it really interesting, that a blog that in the main covers the six counties of the north east of Ireland is heading the poll for best UK blog. Who says people are not interested in what goes on there.

    All the Best.

  • James

    Four or five hundred people voted in these categories.

    I’m curious how many unique ISP’s, ie. individuals, hit Slugger each day? Is it on the order of those who voted on a Fistful Of Euros?