A question of truth telling and democracy?

Two of this week’s Telegraph columnists posed questions of Bertie Ahern this week. Steven King last night asked if he would defend democracy or adopt the usual tactic of carry on regardless. Earlier Malachi O’Doherty pointed out that the two versions of the truth could not be true, and that either the Taoiseach or the President of Sinn Fein was lying over the involvement of the IRA in the bank heist. In the end that was not the ground the SF leader chose to defend.

  • James

    “In the end that was not the ground the SF leader chose to defend.”

    I realize that it isn’t your war or even your generation but I recommend to everyone that they see “The Fog Of War”, a documentary about Robert S. McNamara by Errol Morris. Morris specializes in a relentless facial closeup reminiscent of Sartre’s Hell in “Huis Clos” which you may have seen in his “Dr. Death”. The point? ….. oh yeah, the point.

    Morris asks McNamara a question: McNamara responded that he never answers the question asked but always answers the question he wishes that he was asked.

    Gerry rented the DVD.