The real danger of securocrats?

Mick Hall is not one of the usual suspects that have consistently got on the collective backs of Sinn Fein. But he argues that the insistence on blaming annonymous Securocrats is beginning to get on the nerves even of those well disposed towards the party. Not only is getting harder to sustain belief in, but in continuing to push it may lead the party into some politically dangerous areas:

…by suggesting these securocrats are a rogue element within SIS and the NIO who can go about their business without fear of exposure, Sinn Fein may well be treading a very dangerous path indeed. The whole basis of the demand for a public enquiry into collusion by the British State with loyalist paramilitaries, plus strategically placed PIRA volunteers such as Freddie Scappaticci is that this collusion was not a matter of a small number of British intelligence operatives overstepping the line without the knowledge of their superiors, but it was part and parcel of British strategy within the north of Ireland, which had been agreed upon at the highest level of the British State.