Hearts and Minds: IRA must jump higher…

Hearts and Minds tonight: the DUP say there can be no resumption of the talks process until the IRA jump the raised bar of decommissioning and decriminalization..we ask Peter Robinson what happens in the mean time. And on this day when our thoughts focus on the horrors of Auschwitz we reflect on the welcome offered to Jewish families who found themselves in Northern Ireland. If You Ask Me comes from Slugger regular Alex Kane.

  • Butterknife

    Northern Ireland saw a new dawn. That dawn give rise to a more confident society, who were prepared to invest in their society. Outside investment was increasing, the brain drain was decreasing. Alas what did society do? But vote for 2 extreme political parties. I fear this new dawn was but a dream.

  • cgmoron

    100% correct analysis

  • ShayPaul

    Butterknife :

    The darkest hour comes before the dawn.