and the considerable value of blogs

To some anyway. CNET has an interesting report on an Internet research company’s stated intention to monitor positive and negative commentary about Super Bowl XXXIX adverts – $2.4 million price tag for a 30-second spot during the game this year – and sell their findings to the advertisers. Last year, an all-time high of 144 million Americans watched the Super Bowl, although how many were traumatised by the half-time show is still a source of concern (hat-tip Sheila)

There is a quote in the middle of this ‘hoopla’ that could indicate a more serious side to this story –

“Blogs are a real-world temperature gauge as to what’s really going on out there,” said Tim Hanlon, senior vice president at advertising-media company Starcom IP. “You’ve got big media at one end and the citizen’s media at the other, and the collision between those diametrically opposed approaches to messaging will be very intriguing.”

It will be interesting to see if there are any further developments in this area.

But Intelliseek are not leaving anything to chance –

Intelliseek, via its site, plans to monitor the hoopla up to and surrounding the Super Bowl. The company also has recruited 50 enthusiastic bloggers to actively critique the commercials so that it can send a feed to its advertising clients.

Just in case the bathroom breaks do win the battle over “couch time with the commercials” that is.

  • Emily

    He just had to bring it up again, didn’t he? And I’d just this morning stopped crying. I’d love to be one of the critiquing bloggers, though. “Uh, yeah, Pepsi? Barely clothed 19 year old singers stuffing their belly buttons in my face does not make me want to drink soda.”

  • peteb

    They may still be hiring, Emily. Although you’d probably have to pay closer attention to those FCC guidelines than usual.

  • Emily

    Bwah. The FCC doesn’t have any authority over blogs and if this weren’t the space of the polite Mr. Fealty, I’d prove it right now.

  • peteb

    No doubt the polite Mr Fealty appreciates that, Emily. I agree with your Pepsi comment too.. doesn’t make me want to drink soda..

  • Emily

    In that case, you should probably not offer your services to Intelliseek unless you are very good at typing with one hand (this comment offered with my apologies).

  • peteb

    Bit late with the apology there, Emily. But, considering the comments on the ‘no-name calling week’ thread, I’ll accept it anyway. :p

  • CavanMan

    The Superbowl will be won again by New England-The reason being that Tom Brady’s family originates from,yes you’ve guessed it Cavan!!!!!.Donovan Mc Nabb/T.O and co dont stand a chance.