Inevitable conservativism of blogging networks…

Fascinating article which is now nearly two years old, which asks is there a hierarchy in blogging: and if there is, is it fair? Noteable too for an early mention of Slugger on one of the charts.

  • Davros

    “Letter to Slugger” ? “Gonzo Engaged” ?

  • Richard Delevan

    Great stuff – is there I wonder a “churn rate” that’s been reckoned for blogs? In MSM-land, the betting has been that the 2004 spike in blogging was intimately connected to the US presidential horserace (one where the ups and downs were obsessvely followed globally.
    When John Ellis (a distant relation of GW Bush) ‘retired’ his blog because ‘The demands of my real job require a single focus,’ many observers thought it was the beginning of a levelling off of blogging.
    With two years of additional data, I’d love to see if Shirky has updated this.

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Weird one that…