How rich are you?

I got this from my colleague Mark Weston. No matter how badly off you think you are in financial terms, you are likely to be wealthy in a global context.

  • Davros

    That’s a fantastic site Mick

  • cg

    It defiantly puts things in perspective

  • The Devil

    Best LINK ever put up on Slugger

    Give yourself a huge pat on the back Mick

    Award for best link already in the Bag….

  • Mick Fealty

    eh?? Surely not??? Have you taken leave of your satanic senses devil?

  • Davros

    It’s Lunar Mick. Give him a few days and he’ll be back to normal 😉

  • Jimmy Sands

    The author of this site appears to be suggesting that there are people in the world who suffer more than the Irish. There’ll be complaints about this Mick.

    Excellent site though

  • The Devil

    Aye Jimmy… just wait til them Derry wans try it out, bet they still have somthin’ to whinge about.

    in a couple of days i’ll be at your house… so watch it.

    Ok so I know your a Thiepval boy at heart.. but praise where praise is due.. and i never left your house

  • Davros

    sorry devil – the court order I got at our divorce still stands!

  • metacom

    Something’s off here. I bang in $200k (just for kicks, I’m not in that league) and I’m the 107,565 richest. I bang in the Euro equivalent (about Euro 150k) and I’m only 6,641,350. I tend to believe the Euro number. There’s probably 107,000 plumbers in the world that make more than that!

  • Mario

    Well, I guess were not out of it yet in Argentina, but doing a bit better than our neighbors in Bolivia.

    Great link.

  • peteb

    Didn’t you see the “Please Donate” button, metacom? That should have explained everything.

  • Henry94

    I put in £26 million and it asked me for my shoes.

  • maca

    One of the guys at work here earns literally in the millions. I put in his last years salary and it turns out he makes about 20% more PER HOUR than I do in a MONTH. Bugger!

    I’m in the top 3%, hard to believe it since I am always broke.

  • George

    34k obviously doesn’t go a long way these days maca…….

  • maca

    These days you’d nearly need two 34k salaries coming into any household.

  • George

    Even with two 34k salaries, you still couldn’t get a 3-bed semi-detached cardboard box on the Liffey flood plains in Lucan.

    To hell or to Westmeath 🙂

  • maca

    “To hell or to Westmeath”

    Tough choice but hell gets my vote.

  • cok

    Wasn’t there a song about someone who had been to paradise but had never been to Meath? Or is this a little off-topic?