Who's in and who's out..?

FATHER Sean McManus has asked US Envoy Mitchel Reiss to ensure that Mark Thatcher cannot stay the United States, after he pleaded guilty to involvement in a coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea. Meanwhile, Jim Cusack reckons Gerry Adams won’t face any such problems when he applies to visit America for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

  • Davros

    Gerry Kelly is on his way at the moment, unless he’s been caught in the weather chaos.

  • James

    One hell of a slow news day at the Blanket. Get a life ferchristsakes.

  • David Vance

    I assume the morally-challenged Father McManus won’t be asking Reiss to ensure the exclusion of the political propagandists for IRA murder and terror from the US? I have to say that no one with a scintilla of wit would take the toxic McManus seriously. His love-in with IRA terror singles him out as a particularly repugnant character. Given his position, I think his best move would be to pray for forgiveness.

  • armaghman

    His mother is a much more significant war criminal (Gral Belgrano – 300 dead) and they let her in all the time

  • Jimmy Sands

    I yield to no man in my disdain for Attila the Hen or her horrible offspring, but what on earth is the concern of a priest in ensuring that he remain unforgiven by the US government? Is he a real priest or a semi-detatched one like Des Wilson? And am I alone in finding the name of his group more than a little presumptuous?