Sinn Fein is a political wing, not a party…

It remains to be seen what Bertie Ahern will have to say to Sinn Fein when he meets them tomorrow, but by the sounds of his Defence Minister it’s unlikely to be a cosy fireside chat. Indeed, he believes that with all the speculation and Mitchel McLoughlin’s Q&A performance last week, it is Sinn Fein who must provide answers, rather than persisting asking the questions:

It is up to Sinn Fein to unambiguously demonstrate their bona fides. It is up to Sinn Fein to disavow the contemptible comments of McLaughlin, Arthur Morgan and others. It is up to Sinn Fein to say who is sovereign: the Irish people or the IRA Army Council.

  • TroubledTimes

    The Real Sinn Fein is showing its ugly face at last!
    Their days of fancy suits and a romantic glossy image is coming to an end.
    They do not recognise the legitimacy of the Irish Government, they do not recognise any policing institution on the island either, PSNI and Gardai. Nor do they recognise the legitimacy of the Irish Army.
    They have campaigned publicly for the release of GArda McCabes killers.
    They believe in the legitimacy of the IRA to wage war and do not consider the killing of Jean McConville to be a crime.
    The only thing that keeps these people in business are the ill informed, ignorant voters who see them as the saviours of Ireland, righteous men fighting for a righteous cause. These people will realise eventually that Sinn Fein are the biggest obstacle to Irish Unity.