SDLP: is someone having a laugh?

A little aside from the agitated world of Northern Irish high politics, to something entirely petty. Can someone clarify the wording in the URL of this page? Is it just me, or is someone at SDLP HQ having a laugh at the expense of the party’s security spokesman, with prattwoodwelcomesclosure… etc..

  • Concerned Loyalist

    “prattwood” would be about right when describing stern-faced Alex

  • George

    I would guess that the pr stands for press release. Not very media savvy.

  • J Kelly

    People shouldn’t laugh it could happen to any of us.

  • Keith M

    This is nothing new. I remember a certain Irish news site that used to image tag pictures of Charlie Haughey with the word “gangster” and Albert Reynolds with “gombeen”.

  • Mark McGregor

    On the subject of having a laugh. Are UTV?

  • Mick Fealty

    LOL, just the same, I reckon there is a serious story in that Mark.

  • peteb

    Certainly an unfortunate naming scheme for the URLs but, as the other statment pages appear to show – prbradleyrobbergangsmustbecaught – it looks more like a case of seeing something that’s not really there.. too much time on your hands, Mick 😉

  • Mark McGregor

    There is something going on at UTV.

  • cg

    UTV’S next breaking story…A man walked a dog

  • Young Irelander

    ROFL.Cheers Mark!Best laugh I’ve had in a long time.I think it might be an effort by UTV to cheer up anyone who might be feeling depressed today.

    Hey,I’m still laughing!

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Mark – LOL

    Sorry to disappoint you Mick, but I blogged that ‘pr’ Attwood thing months ago! It’s got to stand for ‘press release’ though…

    I think Newton Emerson had a wee dig at the same website on Saturday in the Irish News, if you fancy digging it out.