British youths to take oath to Queen?

According to proposals by the new home secretary Charles Clarke, teenagers in Britain are to be asked to pledge their loyalty to the Queen on their 18th birthday. The story makes no mention of whether it’s compulsory or not.

  • peteb


    From the Guardian’s coverage of the same story

    “A pilot scheme is to be drawn up over the next nine months to recognise the transition to adulthood which brings the right to vote and greater social and economic independence. The event is expected to be voluntary and may be modelled on affirmation ceremonies held in Australia.

  • Ziznivy

    Would participation or non-participation be recorded and accessible? If so it’s a sinister idea.

    The idea that to be a British citizen involves loyalty to the Queen is an insidious notion.

  • Fraggle

    I think it’s a fantastic idea and it should be compulsary too.

  • maca

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to but each to his/her own.

  • Tom Griffin

    This being sold as being about integrating ethnic minorities, but actually I think may have more today with the findings of a poll reported in Monday’s Guardian:

    “The move towards an English nationality proved to be strongest among the younger generation.

    A third of the 14- to 16-year-olds surveyed said they would describe themselves as English, compared with only a 10th of the teachers polled.”

    Forget politics – pupils know more of flag and chips

  • smcgiff

    ‘I affirm my loyalty to Australia’

    I see know problem with affirming loyalty to ones own country, but a particular person or office?

    Jaysus, is it serfs they want?

    Conspiracy theory #1 – This is an attempt to bring the monarchy back into a largely undesired (on their part) spotlight.

    Can anyone imagine pledging allegiance to Bertie?

    No? I didn’t think so, but at least we know what he’s like. Who knows who’ll be on the throne in 50 years time?

  • Henry94

    If she doesn’t get 50% will she abdicate??

  • JD

    If she doesn’t get 50% will she abdicate??

    Now that was funny…

  • kc

    I would think that Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, atheists would find it offensive to have to swear loyality to the head of the anglican church

  • Davros

    It won’t be acceptable to Quakers, who don’t take oaths on religious principle.

  • CavanMan

    I look forward to the british establishment attempting to get teenagers on the Falls road to swear an oath to the queen. πŸ˜‰

  • Fraggle

    that’s what i was thinking cavanman.

  • CavanMan

    No doubt unionists/loyalists would jump at the chance to show their ”britishness”,but overall it would do more harm in Northern Ireland,than it would do good.

  • Davros

    That shows you have never been to Northern Ireland cavanman – if you had you would know that every evening, after a hard day oppressing, we gather to pledge loyalty to the Queen and sing our national anthem.

  • ulsterman

    It should be made compulsory for Catholicas to take before they receive their benefits.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Harboy

    I’ve been told that ALL teachers in the north until the 1960s had to sign an oath of allegiance (no actual ceremony involved though).

    Does anyone know when this was abolished and what the wording was used?

    (The potential for intra-familial teasing this offers me is near to limitless!)

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    A pretty disgusting idea, on the whole (in a democracy you’re supposed to have every right not to be loyal to the head of state). I have difficulty believing that it is for real.

  • CavanMan

    That shows you have never been to Northern Ireland cavanman – if you had you would know that every evening, after a hard day oppressing, we gather to pledge loyalty to the Queen and sing our national anthem.

    Damn so for the 3 years i was living in Belfast,i wasnt invited.That HURTS!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Davros

    LOL Cavanman πŸ™‚

  • Keith M

    This is a very bad idea. Taking an oath to the state is one thing. Taking one to the head of state in a monarchy, especially one with a dual role as a religeous leader is asking for trouble. Far better to ask everyone who gets to 18 to do a year of national service (not necessarily connected tothe military) if you want to promote the idea of citizensahip.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Keith, I agree but try enforcing that in NI where people can simply renounce their British citizenship and get an Irish passport.

  • ShayPaul

    As a republican, I believe this to be a wonderful idea, it should be implemented immediately.

    Anything that shows the monarchy to be completely archaic and precipitates it’s end is a good thing.