Adams apparently falling from favour in Republic…

YOU have to take them with a pinch of salt, but a poll carried out after the Northern Bank robbery has indicated that Gerry Adams’ personal approval rating has dropped nine points – from 51% to 42% – since last October. “Significantly, 38% of those polled say they are dissatisfied with Mr Adams,” says the Examiner. A better barometer of opinion will be the results of upcoming by-elections in the south, including one in Meath where the candidate has backed controversial statements by Mitchel McLaughlin.

  • James

    “Gerry Adams’ personal approval

    That’s a beauty contest.

    The numbers to watch are in the Republic. The Irish Times (subs probably not needed) reports that Sinn Fein has held firm in spite of a lambasting second only to the one we get over Iraq.

    A month is an ice age in politics.

  • Keith M

    James “That’s a beauty contest.”. Not true, as elections become more focussed on personalities, the public view of the party leaders is key. FG has changed leaders simply because they got low personal ratings. Any leader getting an overall negative rating is a liability to their party. In that context the net rating of each leader is significant;

    Ahern +27%
    Rabbitte +24%
    Harney +19%
    Kenny +18%
    Sargent +11%
    Adams +4%

    Don’t forget that over two thirds of Deail seats are won with transfers, and an ability for a party and its leader to be attractive to supporters of other parties is key to final seat count. Look at the comparitive vote shares of the Greens, PDs and SF in 2002 and then look at how many seats they gained.

  • mickhall

    What I find interesting is now that SF has gained some seats in the south, more people in the north and vice versa seem to be taking an interest in each others politics . On another point, it will only be when/if SF gain more seats than other Republican type parties have in the past in the south, (Clann na Poblachta, WP, etc) will they be able to claim they have made a real break through. These opinion polls are not showing any sign of that. Still it is early days but I feel any SF growth will depend whether PIRA is stood down.

  • ulsterman

    Interesting. SF will continue to find it impossible to win but a mere handful of Dail seats.

    The last election was a case in point. With the opposition in dire straights all SF could win was five seats. This aint going to happen the next time as there is going to be some sort of alternaive alliance offered.

    An irrelevant party in the south, an irrelevant party in the north.

    Move on without the criminals.

    God Save The Queen.

  • James

    “James “That’s a beauty contest.”. Not true, as elections become more focussed on personalities”

    It is a beauty contest because ADAMS RECEIVES NO, REPEAT, NO FECKIN’ VOTES IN THE REPUBLIC, you know the wee spot of ground beneath your arse. Crikey, even the Ulstertroll figured that one out.

    As for personality, well, your Blueshirt buddies in post Garret The Good Fine Gael has always seemed like a bunch of shoe clerks to me …. well maybe Walmart clerks at best. I’ll grant that there is some personality amongst the Reds like that lovely import, Mad Ivana, if she could only get elected. The rest of your politicos have all the fire of Al Gore on a turkeybaster full of Heroin. It’s as interesting as watching old people gum toast.