Why Aer Lingus should be floated…

The semi state bodies in the Republic were part of the economic renaissance envisaged by Sean Lemass and ably assisted by his economic advisor TK Whittaker. However, Tony over at the Tallright blog believes the time has come for the Irish government to take a deep breath and sell off the ailing national airline in order to save it from terminal (no pun intended) decline.

  • James

    Management buyout is not a silver bullet. All you need to do is look to United to see where that leads.

    From what is said of Walsh’s plans I divine that he sees the North American route as the real moneymaker since the European competition with Ryan has probably cut the meat close to the bone.

    I travel on Aer Lingus because it offers a flight from LAX to Dublin, offers superb coach service and great food at a decent price. I would rather set my hair on fire than spend nine hours in Mr. Walsh’s cattlecar for a few hundred bucks less.

  • Fraggle

    on a long flight, I consider a ready supply of complimentary Gin + Tonic to be of the utmost importance.