Confusion in the SDLP's messages

Some advice from Sinn Fein’s party chair to the rival SDLP: it should focus. Taking advantage the party’s ambiguous messages in the wake of the Bank Heist affair, he argues that nationalists have been chosing his own party over them because of a clearer leadership line.

  • J Kelly

    The problem for the SDLP and in particular Mark Durkan is that he is not leading the entire party. Its an open secret that the SDLP in Derry are split down the middle with Durkan on one side and Pat Ramsey with probably the majority of members on the other. Durkan has to watch his back not only in Derry but in Belfast as well. The old guard have always resented his leadership and many blame him and Hume for their current state.

  • aquifer

    Great advice, but the SDLP are probably already too divided and jumpy to take it.

    And this true bit is tacked onto some other stuff about the failure to progress being someone elses fault.

    Filling up a credibility gap with some hardcore truth before stuffing it with the standard SF fluff?

  • An Bearnach

    If the SDLP needs to get a better grip on reality, I suggest they should look elsewhere for guidance than Mitchel McLaughlin and the Provos.

    It seems Mitchel actually believes the seven people on the Army Council are the legitimate government of Ireland and can declare war on our behalf without consulting us. The Army Council can not only authorise people to kill, they can give retrospective absolution, as in the case of Gerry McCabe’s killers, if we should forget to get their approval before the killing.

    Mitchel believes the killing of Jean McConville, while it should not have happened, is covered by the Army Council’s right to take life in our name. Although he claims to support international human rights, he is not bothered by the fact that her killing rather neatly fits two counts of war crime as shown by Fintan O’Toole in the Irish Times yesterday

    Not only that, Mitchel belongs to the tiny handful of people, and tiny minority of republicans, who believe that some mysterious, unknown agency robbed the Northern Bank, rather than the little green men we all know did it.

    Mitchel actually believes Commandant General Tom Maguire, the last member of the Second Dail not to go into partitionist institutions, could actually make the Army Council the legitimate government of Ireland in 1939. Conveniently, he does not believe the bould Commandant could take back that authorisation 50 years later when Sinn Fein joined the Free Staters.

    The odd thing is that Mitchel, by all accounts, never actually took the oath behind the bike shed. It is as a member of Sinn Fein that he entertains all these esoteric notions. Does the Sinn Fein Ardfheis still hold a closed session in which the members pledge allegiance to the Army Council? If not, when did they stop doing it?

    At least with the SDLP, what you see is what you get. Quite an important thing in a democracy.

  • J Kelly

    So people are starting to realise that SF are not the IRA. Progress at last.

    Its maybe what you is see is what you get with the SDLP but it all depends who you are looking at with so many splits and factions you may be dizzy looking around. Did anyone see Eddie McGrady when John Hume was speaking in westminster last week.

  • cg

    An Bearnach

    Sinn Féin no longer holds closed sessions; we are one of the only parties not to do this.

    All of this attack on Sinn Féin within the media will only make one thing certain, a Sinn Féin victory in May.

  • TroubledTimes

    Is there any point in holding Westminster Elections when all the efforts being made here are to avoid Direct Rule?

  • IJP

    I wouldn’t have thought elections had any point at all, TT, seeing as our Great Government will not recognize the result anyway because it’s legitimate regardless of what the people say…

    An Bearnach

    Excellent post.