Speed limits to change in the Republic…

Don’t forget road signs in the Republic go metric from midnight tonight. As it is not possible to make a direct read over from one system to the other, there are growing concerns that some schools will have the speed limit rounded up, rather than down on the roads outside. More detail on the changeover at the Go Metric website. And don’t forget to change when you cross the border!

  • Fraggle

    It’s about time theat the speed on motorways was increased. 70mph is not a realistic speed on a good stretch.

    I hope that they will review some of the 80 and 100 kph limits as I don’t think that there is as big a difference between some national and regional roads as the difference in the limit implies. Indeed, some regional roads may be better and more suitable for higher speeds than some national roads.

  • twinkilcooleywithcoxsdemesne

    “Change when you cross the border” – what, out of the boiler suit? 😉