Slap in the Face

The ultimate slap in the face. To add insult to injury, the American company Teleflex Medical expect 250 workers being laid off in Lurgan to train the people taking their jobs.

As SF MLA John O’Dowd points out :

“The 250 workers in RUSCHE are not being paid off because there is no market for the product but because the plant owners are moving these jobs to Mexico and Malaysia, where they can use low wages.

“The loyalty of RUCHES workers is of no value to the employers. These 250 jobs will be lost only because of the desire to maximise profits. The Lurgan workers have now been given 3 months notice. Yet it is difficult to see where will they find work in an area, which has already seen its manufacturing industry collapse. ENDS

Workers are rightly upset. I cannot see this doing race relations any favours in an area where there have already been problems.

  • abucs

    Unfortunately this is going on all over the western world. Been asked myself (and refused) to train Indians to replace my I.T. job. Seen literally dozens of colleagues replaced and out of work taking any job they can to pay the mortgage.
    Indians come here and spend 6 to 8 weeks with people who either teach them their jobs, or their colleagues jobs. The company keeps some of us and ‘lets go’ others. Then the Indians go back to Chennai and start work at 1/3 of the price and gradually start taking over. The ones left here are given more responsibility and worked harder and harder until they leave. Capitalism gone mad.

    I think this is the big political question in the world and i don’t see anybody with a solution.

    International trade = globalisation = mass of cheap labour source.

    Because in the west we’ve promoted a certain degree of wealth distribution and re-distribution
    our societies have been able to fund a relatively high standard of living for the poorer citizen.
    Outsourcing is good for some, but very bad for the poorer citizen in our society because it creates more of them which makes them harder to fund.

    At least the EU is a big trading block and could potentially protect it’s citizen more than single countries. Leadership someone ?

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to handle this ?

  • James

    Welcome to my world.

    The Beat Goes On.

  • smcgiff

    If the result (for the original employee) of training another employee means the original employee looses their job (meaning reasonable redeployment would be acceptable) then the employee should be protected from having to train the new employee whether they are from India or just up the road.

  • abucs


    i’ll vote for that. Which party are you standing for. 🙂

  • smcgiff

    The DUP!

    Hah! Couldn’t resist it, Abucs!

  • Donnie

    These people will now have to compete for manufacturing/processing jobs with the substantial immigrant population in the area. There may be trouble ahead.

    I think anyone asked to train someone to take over their job should have the right to refuse. Training should be done by those who are going to remain in the employ of the company.

  • abucs


    You’ve left me with a dilemma.
    The money and the Doc ?