Murphy: all options will be considered…

Paul Murphy gives little away in specifics, but hints that all options are open, if the next IMC report proves itself to be in line with the Chief Constable’s suspicions.

Mr Murphy said: “The world has changed in terms of how we deal with the Good Friday Agreement now. The impact of this event on the mutual confidence, trust and faith has been damaged very seriously.”

The Northern Secretary said it would be up to the Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC) to look at possible penalties or sanctions against Sinn Fein and he didn’t rule out an “early report” by the IMC.

Asked about a proposal from Democratic Unionist Party leader, Ian Paisley to proceed without Sinn Fein, the Northern Secretary and Mr Ahern reacted cautiously saying all options would be considered.

  • peteb

    and, of course, “Asked if they were 100% convinced that the IRA carried out the robbery the two ministers replied with a blunt, “Yes”

  • Sharp Voter

    Who does anyone think is going to provide the IMC with information on which to make a decision? It will be the same people who have already prejudged the issus. Given this situation then no one should pretend that there is anything Independent about the IMC.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    ‘if the next IMC report proves itself to be in line with the Chief Constable’s suspicions.’

    Surely that is a wind up, are they not advised by the same people ie the people who thus far have failed to turn up as much as a dud fiver.

  • Visioner

    Well, the IMC are an independent body that look into the evidence available.

    They look at the facts.

    They act as one of the many accountability and investigative bodies that have been setup in recent years.

    You obviously believe that they will come up with the same conclusion as the Chief Constable, just shows your trust in the SF/IRA leadership.

  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    There is no way that the IMC (Sometimes the I stands for Independent some others for international) will evaluate any evidence. They will simply parrot what they’re told by the police and the other securocrats. That’s all the ‘evidence’ they will have….

  • James

    You don’t need a jury to put the perps in the slammer, all you need to do is convince a Diplock judge to lock them away for 30 years. It is not rocket science: We were successful at torpedoing the five families all the while being encumbered by a jury system and the Bill of Rights.

    So get to it. If there is a “there” there it is criminal not to get on with it.