Alliance brief other parties…

In what looks to have been nothing more than a briefing, the Alliance Leader David Ford MLA held talks this afternoon (Monday) with senior members of the SDLP, UUP and DUP to discuss potential ways forward to overcome the current political stalemate. He also met Dr Kieran Deeny MLA.

Mr Ford stated:

“On my initiative, I met leading members of the SDLP, UUP and DUP today, as it is evident that they and Alliance are very concerned at the lack of action by the British and Irish governments to restore devolution. I wanted to consult with the three parties to see what prospects there were for holding further discussions to resolve the current difficulties.

“The representatives of the other parties have agreed to consult their colleagues to see whether it is worth setting up exploratory talks to tease out each other’s ideas and see how much common ground exists.

“Alliance has advocated a voluntary coalition, both as a way of resolving the DUP’s past unwillingness to share power and Sinn Fein’s continuing relationship with those alleged to be behind serious ongoing crime and paramilitary activity. Others have their own ideas, which Alliance is happy to discuss.

“Because of the non-inclusive nature of previous negotiations, Alliance has not had a full opportunity to test our detailed proposals properly with others. I hope we will be able to take the chance in the coming weeks.”

  • J Kelly

    Stop Press.

    Deadlock Broken the Alliance Party have an idea. An old Unionist idea but an idea all the same.

    SF will be tearing their hair out today the Alliance have excluded them from talks. Will things ever be the same again.

  • ulsterman

    Given a 2 percent vote and scraping to victory in all six of their seats I wonder why the Alliance bother. They are now indistinguable from the UUP.

    A voluntary coallition. Now let me think , A DUP idea.

    There will be no movement on anything before the election.

    God Save The Queen,

  • IJP

    A voluntary coallition. Now let me think , A DUP idea.


    I’m sure the Queen prefers people who get their facts right.

    An Alliance idea from its 1988 Governing with Consent document, copied sixteen years later by the DUP.

    Having ideas well before their time… that’s what distinguishes Alliance from the UUP, and that’s why Alliance bothers.