Cork murder sees calls for measures to protect children

The horrific murder of 11-year-old Cork boy Robert Holohan – my deepest condolences to his, family, friends and loved ones – has invariably led to discussions to how we can best protect children in society.

The mayor of Midleton Ted Murphy calls for the return of the death penalty for child killers while district court judge Michael Patwell believes electronic tagging should be used for convicted sex offenders as well as petty criminals although he did make his comments without knowing that the Gardai have said, in the meantime, that there was no sexual assault involved.

The principle of Midleton CBS boys’ secondary school, Denis Ring, takes the view that schools should be involved in the security of children.

I believe RS Sheridan once wrote that only children and tramps are truly free but Ailin Quinlan says that the killing of Robert, only the fourth child murder in the history of the Irish state, signals the end of child freedom as we know it.

  • Davros

    The Sunday Independent carried this by Burns

    A Mother’s Lament for the
    Death of Her Son

    Fate gave the word, the arrow sped,
    And pierc’d my darling’s heart;
    And with him all the joys are fled
    Life can to me impart.
    By cruel hands the sapling drops,
    In dust dishonour’d laid:
    So fell the pride of all my hopes,
    My age’s future shade.

    The mother-linnet in the brake
    Bewails her ravish’d young;
    So I, for my lost darling’s sake,
    Lament the live day long.
    Death, oft I’ve fear’d thy fatal blow,
    Now, fond, I bare my breast,
    Oh, do thou kindly lay me low
    With him I love, at rest!

  • cg

    I don’t know how some one can live with themselves after they have destroyed innocence in this way, for what reason did this child have to die? What justification for his murder will these sick bastards offer?

    If, hopefully when, they catch whoever did this, they deserve the rope.

  • maca

    “If, hopefully when, they catch whoever did this, they deserve the rope.”

    There has been calls to introduce the death penalty for child murder.
    I’d be against it in general but anyway I think it would be too good for people like that.

  • Michael O’Connor

    I hope Wayne O’Donoghue suffers nightmares for what He done to Little Robert Holohan