Too Far ? Too Dangerous ?

I’ll dip my toe into overtly political waters once more. The Belfast Telegraph carries a call by Ian Paisley Jnr for Sinn Fein’s assets to be frozen.

It is also reported:

Because the IRA has been blamed for the robbery, Ian Paisley junior said Sinn Fein’s funding should be locked down on both sides of the border, followed by “a thorough forensic examination” of their accounts.

Is this not going too far ? Even if the call for “parliamentary and local government perks halted for all Sinn Fein members, a complete ban on official contact with the party and the Sinn Fein barred from Stormont” was supported by the Governments and the SDLP, would an assets freeze not force Sinn Féin into a corner and engender so much ill-will that we could say goodbye to any hope of progress?

Would such apparent aggression, some might even say repression, against a party that has yet to be implicated in this crime not lead to Sinn Féin regaining a lot of the ground they have lost such as is to be seen in hostile columns papers such as the Guardian, the Sunday Business Post and the Boston Globe?

  • The Devil

    Ian jnr,

    Get your head out of the deepfreezer, most of the assets owned by them are well salted and can’t be frozen.

    Besides they’re freezing their political toys off out in the cold and it’s much more fun trying to guess what muppet is going to throw them a blanket, which is new to Sinn Fein because from what I remember none of the current leadership have never been on the “blanket” before

  • Cahal

    I grow weary of reading yet more tripe from the belfast telecrap. I hope somebody produces evidence at some point in the very near future, otherwise there will be a lot of egg on some very red faces.

    I think the real story here is the total incompetence of OUR police force, a reason we should all be concerned.

    Irresponsible comments by a lot of people (UUP,DUP,SDLP,Alliance) are only bolstering SF support on this issue.

  • D’Oracle

    They should all be publicly flogged -including the DUP and especially that big Paisley Jnr chappie.

  • cg

    Good to have you back Ambrose 🙂

    This story is utter tripe; no evidence has been produced to prove republican involvement.
    Muppet is the only word that spring’s to mind.

  • Davros

    Muppet is the only word that spring’s to mind.

    You South Armagh lads have obviously have very sheltered upbringings LOL I can think of several words that came to me ahead of muppet…

  • cg

    I was trying to be nice 😉

  • cg

    I was trying to be nice 😉

  • Henry94


    That’s a perfectly fine introduction. Well done.