Robinson calls for process to 'move on'

In a phrase that has become dulled with repetition by Sinn Fein leaders and, as in this case the DUP, Peter Robinson recalls the Republican Movement’s alleged peccadilloes, before appealling that we move on without them.

Whatever else happens as a result of what seems to have become a massive crisis of confidence in Sinn Fein, we can be fairly sure that no one will be moving on without them, or the DUP for that matter. Even if it means direct rule from Westminster/Whitehall until 2016!

  • PS

    Check the “fair deal” principles, Iris. there’s a wee bit that might have slipped your mind about the majority of nationalists, who are represented by……. yep you’ve guessed it!

  • dave


    “Even if it means direct rule from Westminster/Whitehall until 2016!”

    If what you state is true, why only until 2016? This suggest that you know something about how the unionist people will vote in the future.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Is Robinson having a laugh?

  • cg

    He must be losing it Pat; all those years of wearing that red beret have affected his brain.