Ogra Shinn Fein dropped contentious logo

In a rebrand from Sinn Fein Youth to Ogra Shinn Fein the party has decided to remove the petrol bomb motif from its logo. Sharon O’Neill catches up in the Irish News:

“A spokesman for Ogra Shinn Fein insisted it had changed around a year ago to coincide with a name switch from Sinn Fein Youth, although the new image has yet to reach some murals.

“A wall on the Andersonstown Road in west Belfast displays a large circle with the new name, Ogra Shinn Fein, circling the previous contentious logo of a flame-engulfed Easter Lily inside a petrol bomb.

“Over the years Sinn Fein had resisted calls for the removal of the symbol, with SDLP councillor Alex Attwood claiming in 1998 it sent out a conflicting message during a time of peace.

“However, the then Sinn Fein’s Youth spokesman Eoin O Broin said the logo was merely ‘tongue in cheek’.

“‘The idea is that traditionally things like petrol bombs have been part of the way young people have resisted the state’s violence. It’s just a metaphoric thing if you like,’ he said at the time”.