Raiders drove van over the border before heist

Apparently the heist van was seen driving across the border two hours before the raid. Not a small van either. The PSNI will take some stick for missing out a call about suspiciously bewigged, and baseball bat carrying men in the vicinity of the bank. But a Loyalist job is looking more and more like an outside bet too!

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Watched DS Sproule being interviewed on UTV and what a sorry sight it was. Pressed a few times about the evidence Orde use to make up his mind, Sproule unsurprisingly said Orde didn’t say he had evidence, but was merely answered a question put to him.
    It is now time a call was made to Norman Wisdom and Mr Grimsdale to take the lead in this investigation.

  • Mick Fealty

    Though at least we now know what certain members of the policing board found humorous!

  • mickhall

    Detective Superintendent Andy Sproule said about the northern Bank job,
    “This is the real world, not like TV where crimes are solved in 40 minutes”.

    Funny, I thought Andy’s boss told us the case was solved and it was just a matter of getting the evidence to bring PIRA before the courts. Do you know, I find it difficult to have any sympathy for any of the main players in this, whether it be the robbers, the cops or the politicians. They all have acted like a bunch of opportunist bastards.

  • Davros

    Aside from the employees and the unfortunates taken hostage, I agree that nobody deserves sympathy MickH. IF, for the sake of discussion, there does turn out to have been PIRA involvement, It’ll be interesting to see if there are repercussions similar to what was reported after the Arms disaster that supposedly had MacStiofain sentence Joe cahill to death.

  • James

    Now it can be told.

    It was Larry The Cook all along. Our man tiptoed past the PSNI and stuffed the notes into a kazillion enchiladas and burritos right under their noses before shipping the lot off to Colombia for laundering and then slipping himself back to New York and the warm embrace of the terrorist-coddling Bushies.

    Trust me, it ain’t any more fictitious than what’s in the papers already.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    ‘IF, for the sake of discussion, there does turn out to have been PIRA involvement,’

    For the sake of discussion that has been the assumption for weeks now.

  • J Kelly

    Andy Sproule made some reference to the best footballers being in the stand do you think it was really Donegal Celtic who did it to finance that Ronaldinho bid.

    On a serious note Andy Sproule told us yesterday two things the PSNI have no evidence and that they do not have the serial numbers for £1million in new 100s and 50s. On the evidence the most telling point was made by John Hume publish the evidence that it was the IRA.

    The £42000 in high value Northern recovered in Craigavon were not connected to the robbery how do they know they do not have all the serial numbers. Sorry I forgot those with the notes weren’t call chukie easy mistake to make I thought it was money the police were searching for not chuckies.

  • Davros

    Re the calls to publish the evidence : I’m sure PIRA would be delighted to hear who has passed on any information from within their community.

  • J Kelly

    According to Mr Sproule no one because they do not have any evidence but they know who dunnit. It was the IRA because it was the IRA and the van drove from the Republic through South Armagh and then drove back towards the Falls. Has to be the IRA.

  • Brecht

    Can anyone tell me if the ‘Real’or ‘Continuity’IRA have had a mention.If the finger is being pointed at Republicans,then their motivation could be to fill their coffers and embarrass Sinn Fein at the same time.

  • Fraggle

    Brecht, entirely plausable. I find it hard to understand why so many people aren’t keeping an open mind on this until there is some firm evidence.

    The van driving over the border suggests that it is republicans but it could easily be a ruse to make people think just that. If it was the IRA, would they not know about that traffic camera the van was aught on and drive the van over a smaller border crossing with no monitoring devices?

  • slackjaw

    Has the PSNI ruled out the possibility that the driver may have gone across the border to get cheaper diesel?