Murphy: IRA must eschew crime to re-enter process

One result of the heist (whether IRA committed it or not) is that the British government now sides with the DUP’s stance over the conditions for a return to the institutions.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Anthony McIntyre gives what appears to be his about the IRA’s involvement in the robbery …

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    DAMN, try again


  • JD

    Interesting stuff.

    If anyone has the time/ inclination, could they point me to a potted history of McIntyre’s career?

  • Sluggerite

    He spent 18 years in the H-Blocks for IRA activity, a life sentence for killing a loyalist. He spent 4 years on the blanket and no wash protests. He left the Provisionals the day they signed the GFA.

    Short bio

  • JD

    Much appreciated! Thanks, Sluggerite.

  • Henry94

    The article suffers from the usual failure of one item agenda journalism. The theory is all and every new fact has to be made fit the theory.