The perils of radio phone-ins

It looks like Andrew McCann’s been caught barking up the wrong (academic) tree! Fair play to him for keeping all the responses up there though (including the damning one from the academic concerned!).

Adds: That’s nothing compared to the story about the sound engineer at Radio Dijla, in Baghdad who left the phone presenter talking with one caller, whilst he went onto the roof with his gun to return hostile fire!

Update: Andrew apologises and issues challenge to Johann Hari.

  • Donnie

    “Before I could adequately respond, Tonge attempted to shout me down as I launched a sterling defence”

    Defence of the Realm eh?!

    This is comedy gold! It is a must for the highlights section……..Come back Andrew all is forgiven!

  • James


    You didn’t warn me that I’d be routed to the laughing academy. I feel so unclean now.

    Time for the Navajo cleansing ritual and a virus scan.

    BTW, the other link is about a bomb going off near a person he was talking to on the air. There was no mention of a firefight at the station. Was it in the onair portion of Ash’s program but not included in the written summary?

  • Mick Fealty

    Sorry on both counts James. It’s one of the few programmes the Beeb doesn’t keep on playback.

  • Henry94

    Being trained in counselling has some Machiavellian, as well as positive, advantages. It allows me to play word and mind games with people whom I dislike

    That is the quote of the year so far.

  • Gerry O’Sullivan

    Here’s the link to the audio file on the BBC website. Andrew’s contribution is about 23 minutes into the programme. You’ll need Real Player to listen to it.

  • DavidS

    Just listened to the recording – what fun!

  • Davros

    Fair Play to Andrew, he’s posted an apology.

  • David Vance

    Nice to know that all you Slugger-types never makes mistakes – oh to be perfect.

    Andrew has posted an apology and also invited Johann Hari onto ATW – let’s see if the 2003 “Young Journalist of the Year” has the courage to face Andrew in a more neutral environment than a BBC studio.

  • peteb

    Yeah, Davros.. he announced it as an ‘apology’.. and then he posted a criticism.

  • Emily

    David — ATW is a “neutral environment”? Surely you’re not serious!

  • Davros

    Emily- David didn’t claim ATW is a “neutral environment” – he claimed it is “a more neutral environment than a BBC studio” which is rather different.

  • David Vance


    Oh yes. We have removed all emblems and signs that drippy liberals would find offensive and we offer a sort of shock therapy for leftists who need better educated in the ways of the political world. Look on it like a Mind Spa – we want to pamper your minds, help you all relax – you’ll feel better very soon….

    Hey Pete,

    Has Slugger ever apologised for anyhing or has it always been a model of perfection, just wondering…

  • peteb

    When a mistake, like the one made by Andrew, is made, by any individual blogger, David, the wise approach, for many reasons, is to post an apology as soon as that mistake is realised.. generally, IMHO, I’d say it would be a good idea to put that apology in the original post rather than leaving the error as it is – but each to their own.

    As I pointed out though, Andrew announced an ‘apology’.. and then criticised everyone else – including the person he was ‘apologising’ to.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    David, Andrew has slurred this guy and is now refusing to withdraw that slur. Is he a man or a mouse ?

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    ironically I have just done the same thing.

    Apologies – Andrew has indeed apologised. Sorry all.

  • Fraggle

    I generally find that on ATW David’s posts although slightly partisan in nature, are generally quite watertight. Andrew, however, strikes me as a deranged charactor with a tenuous grasp on reality and if mistakes are to be found on ATW, they will, like as not, have originated with Mr McCann.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Fraggle, I agree. Vance is out there but Andrew is just mad. The radio programme was the first time I’ve ever heard him speak, and he sounded exactly as I imagined, Paisley without the voice. You could almost hear the veins in his forehead popping out.

    What cracks me up the most are his formulaeic and quasi-rhetorical self-important articles on ATW which never explore the issues, instead resorting to boring slagging. Anyone can knock up that stuff. eg “this morning I walked from my home in the bright sun shine and stepped in a dog turd .. as I cleaned the mess from my foot I was reminded of the perils of government with Sinn Fein/IRA…”. At least Vance’s pot-stirring is reaction provoking.