Sinn Fein as the unfaithful lover?

Interesting use of metaphor at the Broom of Anger blog, describing Sinn Fein’s relationship with British and Irish governments. She follows it up with a list of the IRA’s alleged lapses into criminality compiled by the Irish Times.

  • Davros

    Regardless of the ins and outs of the politics, that’s clever 🙂

  • Henry94

    For operational reasons I’m telling you your husband is having an affair but I have no intention of showing you the evidence.

    But we know someone got screwed and who else could have done it.

  • The Devil


    The Cheating Rat has been caught out before.

    Lets see there was the affair in Florida, which he denied but DNA proved he was the father.. PROVED Henry. If the child of that affair (the guns) had reached Ireland they would not have been on any international list and therefore could have produced many orphans which again the Rat could have denied, and you and Mr McLarnen could have defended him with your usual mantra PROOF.

    Then there was the Three illegitimate children he sent to Colombia, you might think I describe them as illegitimate because of their ilegal activities, well I don’t, it is because I think their swapping of technology for drug money makes them bastards.

    Oh then there was all the hypocritical drug killings in Belfast which the Father tried to blame on another dad or was that DAAD, strange how £200-£400 in blow or “E” gets you killed but $1.6 million from cocaine in Colombia makes you a downtrodden victim.

    Then there was the Tohill marriage where the Father was caught with a full erection balaclavas boiler-suits and white bridal van, but sure he got Tohill to have the marriage annulled on the grounds that it was either divorce or DEATH do us part.

    There was also all the other affairs all over Ireland on beaches in bogs and on mountains which he denied year in year out but then did admit it and the proof turned up in JCB buckets.

    Oh then there was also the Makkro affair which he denied but was seen on T.Vs all over West and North Belfast at £100 a go.

    Also the fling in Castlereagh was denied by him but relentlessly bragged about within the family.

    Henry did you ever hear about the boy that cried wolf

  • Henry94

    The Devil

    Re-read the pre-nup.