Myers' (mostly) unexpurgated column…

That previously spiked Irish Times column from Kevin Myers, re-printed in the Daily Telegraph. Would you have pulled it? Hat-tip to George!

  • peteb

    As you pointed out previously, Mick, it’s an opinion piece – and it’s exactly what the Irish Times pays him for. That it was pulled by the Irish Times, perhaps, because it clashed with their lead story – a lead story which itself was based on an anonymous IRA source – is a disgrace.

    Of course, it’s equally likely that the Irish Times thought the old rules of ‘don’t say anything about the ‘process’ that the Irish Government haven’t already said’ were still in operation – and they probably still are.

  • Henry94

    Northern Ireland is now not so much a society as a series of interlocking, mutually loathing cantons. From some of those cantons this Christmas can be heard the rustle of crisp notes being counted, interspersed with some hearty republican chuckles.

    The casual criminalisation of the people in nationalist areas alone would be enough to have the piece pulled if it was aimed at any other community.

    The article ended up in The Telegraph where it belongs.

  • Keith M

    Shame on the Irish Times. Shame that that they should lead with (let alone believe) an annonymous SF/IRA source given the previous nonsense that SF/IRA came up with on the McCabe killers and Colombia. Shame that they should employ someone for their opinion pieces and then show such cowardice when one dares to challenge the status quo.

    This is an excellent article that should be read by everyone in this country if only to show that the media here a not a cabal of noddding donkeys genuflecting in the general direct of SF/IRA.

  • barney

    “…media here a not a cabal of noddding donkeys genuflecting in the general direct of SF/IRA.”

    We all know which direction the nodding donkeys are facing. The pity is that they tend to talk out of their @rses!

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Still no sign of Myers taking up the invitation from the Irish Times and submitting a news piece with any evidence he might have on the robbery. But then again who wants to look at an empty page.
    I especially admired the way he told the IT what to do with their job (not).

  • Henry94

    True Pat. When the editor spiked a John Waters piece he walked and she had to back down to get him back. Myers bottled it. He wouldn’t have been much use in those WW I trenches he’s always on about.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    LOL Henry, yeah it’s always better laying down someone elses life for your principles. Just ask Paisley.