Taoiseach blames Provisional IRA for robbery

According to RTE, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has stated that, in his view, “This [the Northern Bank heist] was an IRA job, a Provisional IRA job which would have been known to the political leadership” – confirming the views reported by Paul T Colgan and Pat Leahy in the Sunday Business Post article.

  • spirit-level

    Will we get a load of cranks like in America saying: “It was me who dunnit”.
    How bout a host of lie detector tests?
    Yes you did
    No we didn’t
    Yes you knew
    No we didn’t.
    Its farcical.
    TIT for TAT
    whose move now?
    Anyone fancy a pint?

  • ulsterman

    Oh happy days. What an own goal. The 1998 GFA is now confined to the dustbin of history,

    [ed. pete baker]

  • ShayPaul

    Tired of calling yourself Intelligent ?

  • spirit-level

    ShayPaul that Intel guy is an asshole I’ve read his posts.. really lost it didn’t he?
    I’m simply trying to cheer myself up, what with all the madness of all the accusations counter-claims etc that’s flying around right now.
    I posted yesterday anyway.
    Don’t hold your breath ulsterman
    The Union is History
    Watch this space!

  • GavBelfast

    I hate to spoil the fun but The Union is a reality, for the forseeable future anyway.

    Political unification of Ireland will be impossible while the RM exists.

    Bertie himself is now an enemy of the peace process (sic) and letting down nationalists and republicans according to Mitchel McLaughlin. What? All of them? Or just those in denial, like Mitchel?

  • Bean Nighe

    Bertie Basset has joined the ranks of the gods the elite group who are not required to back their allegations up with proof tested by due process.
    What an uncivilised clique who think nothing of abandoning the rights and freedom paid for by the life blood of millions who fought against Hitler who spouted similar black propaganda against the Jews, no proof required for Nazis!

  • Bean Nighe

    Quick Follow up: Unionist and Loyalists should be ultra cautious, Bertie Basset and Tony Liar are now singing off the DUP hymn sheet, beware of the anglo irish horse, they deceived the population before so watch out for judas sheep as well.

  • Visioner

    Bertie Basset has joined the ranks of the gods the elite group who are not required to back their allegations up with proof tested by due process.

    Bean Nighe,

    We’ll see what the IMC say. They get to see the necessary evidence and intelligence.

    What would Sinn Fein say if it was loyalists who carried out the Bank Robbery? Would they accept it? I think they would, they are quick enough to blame them for everything else and then deny or refuse comment when the IRA are blamed for anything. (And thats not to say loyalists are innocent!)

    You wouldn’t expect SF/IRA to accept the statement, as they are not likely to hold their hands up and say “we did it”. As this would then have knock on effects – it could influence their electorate in their image and also internationally e.g. their relations with the USA. So it is therefore better to deny it and say the other person is lying.

    Also by denying it, it does their ground support good as it goes along with their republican cause/argument. e.g. by saying it was those Brits’ in their state of occupation may boost their argument.

    It is the best option for any criminal or someone who has been a bad boy or girl when they are caught out in the act.

  • tallrite

    You can listen to the full Bertie interview on RTE at

    Fast-forward to Minute 12 to hear him talk about the IRA and the bank heist.

    I love his quote, “Let’s be honest, everybody knows that in an investigation, the Chief Constable doesn’t start putting out the evidence day by day. I mean, what kind of eejit do people take us for?”