Elementary my dear Watson

The satirical Portadown News adds its comment to the responses to Hugh Orde’s statement. (Link valid for now) Hat-tip to Emily

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Anthony McIntyre is on the fence, but there is a distant implication he is on the side of the securocrats on this one ..


  • stephen nicholl


  • alex s

    McIntyre is spot on, no one believes Adams wasn’t in the IRA, so why believe him on anything else?

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    McIntyre’s articles are great in many respects, I wonder though how he feels about being the person always quoted by unionists when they’re having a go at SF 🙂

  • Davros

    Anthony McIntyre is on the fence

    Nice pun 😉

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Anthony doesn’t like Adams because only for Gerry Anthony wouldn’t have got into trouble. Anthony was so devoid of thought and character that he couldn’t make up his own mind what was right and what was wrong. Bad Gerry.

  • lib2016

    It seems to me that unionists are so desperate to attack Sinn Fein that they don’t care who they mix with. Combat 18 and dissident republican but no fear of cooperation with the leading nationalist party!

    Do they ever think what it does for their longterm credibility? And as for the strategy espoused in ‘a long peace’?

  • Davros

    Interesting logic lib 🙂