Orde expected to speak today…

Hugh Orde is expected by all and sundry to point the finger at the IRA later today as the prime movers behind the Northern Bank heist. However don’t expect any early outcomes. Whatever Hugh Orde says now will be of little consequence until there is clear evidence one way or the other. But given the enormous scale of the heist, it’s unlikely to disappear from police radar for a very long time to come.

Update: Blair gets heavy too.

Update to the update: It is thought Mr Orde’s comments today could have short and long-term implications for the Good Friday Agreement..

  • peteb

    To speculate, it’s likely that Orde will say something along the lines of – “all available information points to IRA involvement and we continue to investigate that primary line of inquiry”.. enough for the DUP to continue to rant, and enough for Sinn Féin to continue to bluster.

  • peteb

    Or he might go further.. Police say IRA behind bank raid .. hmmm.. we await further details.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Well done peteb. Scarily close to the actual words. Admit it, you’re Hugh Orde and I claim my £5.

  • Davros

    They are withdrawing the notes 🙂 Excellent.

    “Robin Hood” … no Gonxo, I’m not H.O either.

  • peteb

    Well, it’ll have to be Northern Bank fiver, Gonzo 😉

  • George

    Orde says it was the IRA and the bank notes are to be withdrawn.

  • Will

    You’re safe enough with a Northern fiver – they aren’t withdrawing them.

    Another example of just how committed Sinn Fein/IRA are to peace or democracy. They just cant help themselves from all their grubby terrorist and criminal activity.

    Now of course we hear them castigating Hugh Orde as a political puppet and ‘securocrat’. This being the same Hugh Orde they were meeting a few weeks ago, cozying up to in the hope that he would give them the demilitarisation goodies promised to them during their negotiations with the UUP over the Joint Declaration.

  • Donnie

    If Hugh Orde says it was the IRA it must be true…..Like Stormontgate, Castlereagh, Bobby Tohill……

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    So not only were the serial numbers wrong the actual amount previously stated was wrong as by as much a £4 million pounds.

    Orde has stated all the evidence and all the intelligence pointed to the IRA. We have already seen all the evidence and intelligence with the raids and stealing of Xmas presents. Not one arrest not as much as a pound recovered.

    The PSNI are the laughing stock of the place.

  • George

    I suppose that just leaves the robbers with a mere 10 million in euros and used sterling notes.

    It will cost five million to replace the notes to make the 12 million worthless. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even have the serial numbers of the stolen money. Wonder if the perpetrators will send some lackey out with a dodgy 20.

    for once you and Myers agree about something – the incompetence of the PSNI and Hugh Orde.

    “Lord Orde of Disorder” he calls him.

  • ulsterman

    With joy in my heart I smile. The ill thought useless Belfast Agreement is now like the bank notes the IRA stole waste paper.

    A great day for those who love our beloved Ulster Protestant Nation. The thought if Martin MCGuinness as Deputy First Minister was nauseating. Joy of joys it aint ever going to happen.

    The DUP did not jump as Trimble did. They will be well rewarded in the up coming elections.

    No Surrender to Rome, Dublin or Republicanism ever. Not one blade of grass.

    The Pope has again been thwarted in his evil plans to conquer our nation.

    Ever Vigilant.

    No Compromise and No Surrender.

    To the victors the spoils.

    What a great day it is,

    God Save Our Queen.