Feeney: PSNI were on a fishing trip

Brian Feeney on Wednesday was convinced that the PSNI were doing nothing more than fishing. If he’s right, then as Ian Paisley junior said this morning, Hugh Orde could be in big trouble some way down the line!

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Another brilliant article that should be as welcome to the unionist supporters of the PSNI as a hot poker to the posterior.

  • Davros

    Fairly obvious questions for the Policing Board are why has the PSNI not pursued the ‘core function’ as recommended by Patten?

    Fairly obvious answer. They don’t have to.

  • Bean Nighe

    Ah for heaven’s sake, Brian must have been reading the posts on Slugger and elsewhere, that’s old news. Not only fishing without a worm trying their hand at the old reverse psychology hoping to panic the refuse collectors into trying to get rid of as much waste paper before NIB warms the printing press up. Obviously the the PSNI haven’t a clue whodunnit, but if they were to look beyond NI and see where duplicate heists were previously enacted then the bulb may light, elementary my dear Hugh.

  • ShayPaul


    are you a pasta man yerself ?